(2 slabs in floor S aisle near font). Agnes Yeates 1827. Anthony Yeates 1837. William Yeates, 1819. Richard Yeates 1827.


(In. S). S. m. Agnes Yeates, only da. of John and Mary Yeates of Kirkland, who d. Novr. 25th 1827, in the 77th y. of her age, also of George, fourth son of the above John and Mary Yeates, who d. August 21st 1835 aged 86 y., and of Anthony their eldest son, who d. January 31st 1837 aged 93 y. Arms, per chevron or and gu. 3 gates of the first. Crest, out of ducal crown, lamb’s head.


(W. altar tomb, original inscription on the stone so as far as decipherable 1876). This (is) the first Monument erected in this Yard And is to the Memory of Anthony Yeates of Flood Riding in Old Hutton who d…. Agnes . . . . Also Anthony who d ..177 . . . Aged . . . Mary his Widow d. the 19th of . . . Also of Anthony, Margaret and Mary their children. Thos. Yeates Son of the said Anthony and Mary, Ordered this Inscription [brass on stone]. This Monument is the First erected in this Church Yard and is to m. Anthony Yeates, of Hood Riding, in Old Hutton, Who d. the 21st July 1723 Aged 72, also of Agnes his Widow, Who d. the 15th Decr. 1758 Aged 81, also of Anthony their Son, Who d. the 28th Octr. 1775 Aged 75, and Mary his Widow, Who d. the 19th March 1787 Aged 85.


(In. S.W. Floor). To m. Dorothy Yeates late wife of Thomas Yeates, town clerk of Kendal, who d. the 30th day of October 1784 in the 46th y. of her age. George Fell and Mary his wife, her father and mother, and James, William, Edward, and Elizabeth, four of their children, also lie interred here, also of the said Thomas Yeates, who d. 16th September 1795 aged 59, and Edward Yeates his son, who d. 22nd of September 1790 aged 19. Also of Anthony George, third son of John and Margaretta Yeates and great-grandson of the above Thomas Yeates, he d. November 25th 1837 aged 7 y.


(W. altar tomb). To m. Elizabeth, Da. of Thomas and Elizabeth Yeates, of Hutton Yeats in Old Hutton who d. l. Dec. 26, 1784. Also of the above Thomas Yeates who d. l. Jan. 13, 1785 in the 74th y. of his age. And of Elizabeth his Wife who d. l. April 11, 1799, aged 83 y. Also of Agnes Yeates, Da. of the said Thomas and Elizabeth Yeates, who d. January 23, 1807 aged 71 Y.


(In W floor below tower). John Yeates 1811, Mary Yeates 1798, wife of the above-named John Yeates and da. of Richard Wilson, of Black Hall, in Kendal, Esquire. George Yeates 1835.


(Window S. aisle). In m. John Yeates, d. Decr. 1847 and Margaretta his Wife d. Septr. 1847 erected by their youngest Son George H. B. Yeates 1865. Arms, I. ar. cross gu. II. ar. fret gu. on chief or, lion passant between 4 cross crosslets of end (Brettargh). III. per chevron or & gu. chevron between 3 gates all counterchanged (for Yeates). IV. ar chevron sa. in chief 3 pellets (Toxteth). V. 4ly. of 6, 1 & 6 Yeates, 2 Brettargh, 3 Toxteth, 4 or 2 bars vert (Ackberg), 5 ar. on bend cottised az 3 mullets or (Ives). VI. Ives. VII. Ackberg. VIII. Yeates, & on escutcheon of pretence 4ly. 1 Brettargh, 2 Toxteth, 3 Ackberg, 4 Ives.
(Brass under window). This tablet is in affectionate remembrance of George Henry Brettargh Yeates Esquire, of Brettargh Holt, Milnthorpe, who died October 18th, 1875, aged 34 y. and was interred at Heversham Octr. 21st. This was placed in memory of the above by his widow Caroline Beatrice Yeates A.D. 1878.


(On S wall near entrance). S. m. John Yeates of Kirkland who d. the 2 November 1811 in the 96: Y. of his Age: Also of Mary, his Wife, who d. the 8 March 1798 in the 86: Y. of her Age. And of William Yeates their Son, who d. the 16th March 1819 aged 73. And of Richard Yeates their Son who d. the 1st of March 1827 in his 80th Y. Arms, Yeates impaling sa. griffin segreant in chief 3 mullets.


lies Interred Susannah, Wife of James Garnett who d. Jany. 7th 1838 Aged 69. Also Eleanor, Wife of William Storey who d. Jany. 15th 1838 Aged 64.