(on South wall beyond 1st window) S. m. George Bew, M.D., who d. May 3d, 1813, aged 65. He was a man of science, of acknowledged abilities in his profession, united with a liberal mind and compassionate heart. He was a sincere friend, a pious christian, and a worthy, valuable member of society. The fortitude with which be suffered a long and painful illness, affords an example worthy of imitation.


(S.) George Bew, M.D., 1813.


(Low on S wall near entrance) Near This place Lyes ye Body of Jane Bigland, Eldest Da. of Thomas Bigland of Bigland in ye Parish of Cartmel and county of Lancaster, Gent. and Elizabeth his wife, Da. of ye Reverend Win. Wilson, AM, late Rector of Windermere, who was Baptiz’d Xbr the 12th, 1688.
A virgin truly Pious and Endow’d with Many Rare and excellent qualifications, very conspicuous to all who beheld ye Actions of her Life, who in Testimony of her Great regard to promote good Literature, and the Religious Education of Youth in ye Parish where she was Born, Gave ye Interest of £40 for Ever to an Vnder School Mr. at Cartmel Town, whose School had Formerly been very Liberally Endow’d by her Generous and Charitable Unkl Mr. Henry Bigland, of London. she Dy’d the 25th day of October, 1712. In Firm hope of the Resurrection to Eternal Life.


(Formerly in S. aisle, now missing) i.e. flat stone to Thomas Bigland (Mr. Jennings).


(In. N. clerestory window). In m. Thompson Bindloss Esqr., who was Twice Mayor of this Borough and d. 4th April, 1850, (bur. at Heversham) Arms 4ly. per fess indented, 1 & 4 or, 2 & 3, gu. on bend az. cinquefoil between 2 martlets. (Mr. Rushforth).


(In. N. W. Floor.) S. M. William Bordley who d. I. . . .1794 Aged 65 y. And of Susan Bordley, who d. December 23d, 1804, Aged 81. Also of Catherine Bordley, who d. March 8th, 1812, Aged 78. (The latter left £100 in 1811, the interest thereof to go for bread to the poor. Mr. Jennings).


(N). In m. Ellen the wife of Samuel Bolton of Kendal, painter, who d. the 28th day of Octr. 1841, Aged 46 y., also of Mary, their da; who d. 26th day of April, 1821, aged 3 y. And of Thomas, their son who d. the 6th day of Novr., 1847, in the 17th y. of his age. Samuel Bolton, who d. Decr. 8th, 1852, aged 60 y.


(W. altar tomb). Here lies the Body of Anthony Son of William Borwick of Kirkland late Usher of ye Free School, who D. December 20th, 1772, aged 60 y. (faint, per Mr. Jennings. W. B. bur, 18 Oct. 1726. par. reg).


(W). Thomas Bousfield, d. April 5th, 1819, aged 53 y. Margaret Bousfield, d. June 16th, 1843, aged 73 y. In m. James Bousfleld their son, who d. at Broom Close, in this parish on the 13th December, 1878, aged 80, and was interred at St. Thomas’ Church, Kendal.


(E). Under this Stone lie the Remains of William Bracken, of Strickland Roger, Shearman, and Dorothy, his Wife. He d. L. December the 5th, 1719, aged 78. She the 15th of June, 1685, aged 37 y. Also John, Son of the above William and Dorothy Bracken. He d. L. the 2d Day of April, 1731, aged 51. Also John, the Son of John and Bridget Bracken, who D. the 8th Day of September, 1731, aged 15. Also of Christopher Bracken, Bachelor, Son of the above William and Dorothy Bracken, who D. the 23d Day of May, 1713, aged 66 y. Also of Bridget Bracken, Widow of John Bracken, who D. the 28th Day of November, 1768, aged 83 y. And the surviving Issue erected this Tomb, expressive of their Duty to the best of parents. (This Tomb was restored 1871. Mr. Jennings.)


(W). In m. George Bradbury who d. November 17th 1818 Aged 36 y. Also of Matthew Bradbury who d. June 11th 1847 Aged 59 y. Also of Fanny Bradbury who d. October 1st 1852 Aged 66 y.


(N. W). In m. George Braithwaite, Tanner, late of Wildman Street, who d. Nov. 1st 1770 aged 58, this Monument is placed by his Widow as a Testimony of Her respect to his Memory, Whilst Industry, Integrity, and Honor are valuable in Man, his Life will be worthy of Imitation, who in the possession of these Virtues secured to himself the universal esteem of his Acquaintance. Near also lie the Remains of three of his Children. Susannah his Widow d. August 15, 1788 Aged 70 y.


(Brass, on W wall below tower. Not in Bellassis). In loving memory of George Foster Braithwaite of Hawksmead, Kendal, a Justice of the Peace for the county of Westmoreland and six times Mayor of this Borough. Born Augst 16th 1813. Died Febry 20th 1888. Zealous in the discharge of his duties devoted to the work of his native town, and every ready to help the poor and outcast he sought to adorn the doctrine of God his Saviour in all things. This chiming clock in the Tower of this Church was erected as a memorial of him by his Widow and Children September 1891


(In. N. 2 brasses under window). (1) In a. r. Revd. George Braithwaite M.A. Native of this town, b. April 15th, 1818, d. April 2nd, 1875. This window was presented by Margaret his wife. (2) In m. Margaret, wife of the late Revd. George Braithwaite and eldest da. of the late Revd. William Rawson of Seaforth who d. at Rome on the 7th of May 1879. Kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation 1, Peter 15. (On window). 1 The child Samuel ministered unto the Lord. 2. Follow thou me. 3. Behold a sower went forth to sow.


(N). In m. John Braithwaite of Kendal, woolcomber, Who D. June 3rd, 1837, Aged 77, Also of Elizh. His Wife who D. Novr. 27th, 1829 Aged 74. Also of John their Son, Woolcomber, Who D. Sepr.13th, 1829, Aged 43, Also of Margt. their Daugr. who d. June 25th,1795, Aged 6. Also of Agnes their Da., Wife of David Jones of Liverpool, who d. April 10th, 1844, Aged 48. Also of Elizh. their Daugr., who d. May 17th, 1785 Aged 3 Mons. Also of Elizh. Daugr. of Stepn. Braithwaite who d. June 3rd, 1817 Aged 10 Mons.


(On S wall by 2nd window). In M. John Braithwaite late of Kirkland, Tanner, who d. January I, MDCCXCII aged LXV, and Sarah his wife who d. December XXXI, MDCCLXXXIV aged LXIX, Also of Sarah their Da. who d. May XXIV, MDCCLXXXI aged XXX (per Mr. Jennings). (Arms, gu. on chevron 3 cross crosslets fitchees).


(E. 2nd aisle N. floor). Joseph Braithwaite 1826, William Braithwaite, 1837. (benches in the way).


(Brass, once in Bellingham chapel). Here lieth the remains of Mr. R. Braithwaite who d. 14th day of May 1783. (Mr. Jennings).


S. M. Robert Braithwaite late of this Town, Plumber, who d. l. March 13, 1789, aged 24, and of Sarah his Da. who d. L. January 8, 1786 And of Edward Willan who d. L. May 7th 1791 Aged 52. And of Margaret his Widow who d. L. May 30th 1817 Aged 75. And of Mary Smithson their Da. and Widow of the late Miles Smithson, Grocer, Aged 72 Y.


(In floor S aisle). Parental affection bath placed this Stone in r. Sarah, the Da. & only child of John Braithwaite of Kirkland, Tanner, & of Sarah his Wife, who d. May 24th 1781 aged 21. The Remains of Sarah, late Wife of John Braithwaite who d. Decr. 31, 1784 aged are also here deposited.


(N.W.) Susannah Braithwaite 1807, Elizabeth Braithwaite 1808, Wiliam Braithwaite 1809, George Braithwaite 1811.


(Brass plate N wall, R1). Here lieth the body of Sr. Thomas Braithwaite Knight, late of Burneshead who d. the 14th day of May Anno Domini 1683 et ætatis suae LXVI.


(N.W). William Braithwaite, 1821, Hannah Braithwaite 1826.
(N.). S. M. Ann, wife of Richard Branthwaite of Kendal who d. April 5th 1830 aged 36 y. also of Fanny their da. who d. December 6th, 1817 aged 2 m., also of Michael their son, who d. March 25th 1827 aged 7 m., also of Richard Branthwaite, the above named who d. November 27th, 1867 aged 85 y.


(In floor W end of Inner North Aisle). Rev. T. Briggs, 1815


(E. altar tomb). T. M. John Broadbent late of Kirkland who d. April 28, 1792 Aged 38 y. Debby Broadbent his surviving widow in testimony of her affection and Esteem caused this stone to be erected. James Broadbent his Son d. September 17, 1816 Aged 33, Debby Wife to the above John Broadbent d. August 23, 1818 Aged 55, youngest da. of William Bellingham of Stramongate, who was grandson of Thomas Bellingham of Helsington, brother of the last Sir Alan Bellingham of Levens, who followed the fortunes of his Royal Master King James and to the Court of St. Germains & d. in France.
(E. side). In m. William Broadbent who d. in Philadelphia, John Broadbent the only surviving brother caused this Tomb to be renewed.
(N. side). Sarah Wright only daughter of John & Debby Broadbent buried in Highgate Cemetery, London Feby. 14th 1867 aged 78 y., dearly beloved by her only surviving brother John Broadbent.
(S. side). In m. Elizabeth Seton Broadbent who is interred beside her maternal uncle Baron Semple of Renfrew in thc cemetery of Highgate Middlesex. Mary Ann & Eleanor Seton Broadbent lie in the vaults of St. Mary le Bow, London. Thomas Seton Broadbent d. near Calcutta; the above were great grand children to Sir John Seton of Garleton, Earl of Wintonn.


(E). In m. Thomas Brockelbank Who d. August 6th 1855 aged 58 y.


(In. under window N. aisle). To m. Margaret Wife of Edward Brown Esq. who d. March 1844 aged 36 and is entombed under this window. (on 2 scrolls) (1) Come ye blessed, (2) Receive the kingdom. Arms. ar. eagle displayed.


(N. W.). In m. Margaret wife of Edward Brown, Kendal, who d. March 11th 1844 aged 36. Her end was peace. also of the above Edward Brown, who d. at Bath April 5th 1873 aged 66 y., and is interred in Locksbrook cemetery.


(W). S. m. William Browne, many y. Supervisor of Excise in this Town who d. at Carlisle on the 11th of Jany. 1825 after a long & painful affliction in the 57th y. of his age. Also of Anne his Wife who d. I. on the 10th of July 1829 aged 61. This Stone ‘was erected as a testimony of filial duty & affection to the best of Parents by their three surviving Daus. Anne, Wife of Joseph Wood, Supervisor in the Excise, & Da. of the above d. Feby. 18th 1837 aged 39 y. Also of Sarah Ann Wood the beloved da. of the above who d. 1. on the 3rd day of May 1843 Aged 27 y. Also of Elizabeth Brown, Da. of the above named W. Brown, who d. Nov. 22nd 1844 aged 49 y.


(E). In m. Ann wife of James Bulman of Low Villa who d. Septr.18th 1808 Aged 48 y. James Bulman late of Kirkland who d. Febry.27th 1831 Aged 79.


(S. E.). In this tomb Rest the Mortal Remains of Edward Burrell of Liverpool, banker, a native of this town, he d. In London the 23rd Scptember 1837 aged 44.y., also Susan, mother of the above, d. 5th January 1845 in the 80th y. of her age.


(High under bell tower, S facing). S. m. Edward Burrell of Liverpool, banker, a native of Kendal, d. 23rd Septembr 1837 aged 44y., he was educated at the blue coat school in this town, and ever retained a grateful remembrance of that excellent institution; by his ability, integrity and industry he obtained and merited the confidence and esteem of many friends and earned for himself an honourable independence.


(W). In m. Thomas Busher of Kirkland who d. November 16th 1804 aged 52 y. also of Mary his Widow who d. Feby. 17th 1839 aged 86y. Also of Mary the Wife of Edward Busher who d. November 24th 1820 aged 34y. Also of Elizabeth eldest Da. of the above Thomas& Mary Busher who d. Septr. 19th 1842 aged 64. And of Ann, youngest Da. of the above Thomas & Mary Busher who d. May 15th 1855 aged 68 y. And of Edward son of the above Thomas & Mary Busher,who d. January 2nd 1858 aged 76 y. And of Jenny last surviving Da.of the above Thomas & Mary Busher who d. February 2nd 1864 aged 78 y.