(Brass plate N wall, N2). Here lie the Remains of Elizth. Dalton, Widow of Capt. James Dalton who d. L. the 11th Day of July in the Y. of our Lord 1769.


(E. altar tomb, rail). In m. John Davison Esq. late of Hill-top House near Kendal, who d. L. the 12th day of April 1804, in the 54th Y. of his Age. Also of Agnes his Wife who d. November 1st 1831 in the 76th Y. of her Age.


(in brass, under clock tower) Here lyes Frances late Wife of Jacob Dawson Gent. who d. l. 19 June 1700: in ye 25th y. of her age Who by a Free and Chearfull resignation of herselfe (even in the midst of this world’s affluence), has left us just grounds to hope she is now happy.


(E). J. Dawson aged 64, 1821. Eliz. Dawson aged 83. 1840.


(In E chapel floor, brass). Hic jacet reverendus in Christo pater Robertvs Dawson episcopvs Clonefertensis et Dvcensis Hibernicvs Qui. obiit. die decima tertia Aprilis 1643. (aged 54)
Here lies Reverend in Christ Father Robert Dawson, bishop [of] Clonefert ( ET DVCENSIS) Ireland who died thirteenth April 1643


(E). S. m. John Dennison late of Liverpool who d. June 8th 1835, also of Betsy Dennison of Kirkland, Widow of the above and fourth da. of Robert and Ann Harrison who d. 1. April 9th 1854 aged 83 y. Requiescant in pace.


(In. W. floor below tower) Mary Dent d. 10th April 1835 aged 79.


(E). This Tomb is inscribed with Parental Affection To M. Isabella Dickinson Da. of Richard & Dorothy Dickinson of Kendal, who d. l. the 20th of February 1793 Aged 18 Y. Likewise the body of Dorothy Dickinson, Wife of Richard Dickinson, who d. l. the 1st of September 1810 Aged 73 Y. Also the body of Richard Dickinson who d. 1. on the 21st of March 1814 Aged 79 Y.


(W). Elizabeth Dixon, D. April 13, 1806 Aged 62.


(E). In M. James Dixon 1800, Elizabeth Dixon 1820, John Tebay 1820, Elizabeth Dixon Tebay 1825, James Tebay 1840.


(E. altar tomb). In M. Robert Dixon who d. November 4, 1775 Aged 52, also of William Simpson, Wine Merchant, who d. December 10, 1802 Aged 47, and of William his Son who d. August 21st, 1795, Aged 6 and William his Son who d. April 19, 1809 Aged 12. Dorothy Dixon, Widow of the above Robert Dixon d November 15th 1854 Aged 88 and Elizabeth Simpson Widow of the above William Simpson who d. at Crosthwaite Decr. 6th 1849 Aged 88.


(N.E). In m. Thomas Dixon, who d. at Low Mills; May 57th, 1837 Aged 62 y. and of Betsy his da. who d. Augst. 23rd 1826 Aged 18 y. and of Ann his wife who d. Dec. 11th 1838 Aged 62 y.


(N) In m. Esther wife of Richard Dobinson, Scalthwaite-Rigg Stocks who d. 1. 17th February 1842 Aged 45 y. she was much beloved in her family, deeply regretted by those who knew her & and the poor have lost a friend.

Remember now when this you see,
that you prepare to follow me.


(In. W. floor). Here lie the Remains of Elizabeth, Wife of John Dodgson of Stramongate who d. January 27, 1782, aged 52. Here also is buried the aforesaid John Dodgson who d. June 4, 1784, aged 60.


(In. W). S. m. Elizabeth Carus, Da. of the late James Dowker Esqr. who d. 1. Jan. 16th 1804 Aged 52y. also of Dorothy Dowker her Sister who d. May 15th 1831 Aged 82 y.


(On N wall near vestry door). To M. James Dowker, Late of Kendal Esquire who d. August 21, 1786 aged 66; and of his eldest Son John Dowker who d. May 23, 1787 aged 30; And of his youngest Son Thomas Dowker who d. August 19, l786 aged 24. His second and only surviving Son, The Rev. James Dowker, A.M. erected this Monument, And D. 19th October 1789 Aged 28 Y. Jane Dowker Widow of ye above named Jas. Dowker Esqr. d. 9th March 1794 Aged 71. Arms, ar. fess wavy between 3 sheldrakes sa. Crest, arm ppr. holding fish.


(E). I.K., I.K., E.D., 1825; B.C.D. 1830; E.W. 1835 (Mr. Jennings). (Mrs. Dowson wife of Mr. B.D., printer, aged 39, d. 6 July. 1825. Benjamin Clementson D. aged 19, d. 15 May 1830. Kendal Chronicle).


(In S aisle left above door.) In m. Francis Drinkell Senior alderman of this Burgh Esquire who d. September 5th 1787 Aged 76. Also of Frances his wife who d. June 9th 1771 aged 65 y.; she was the Da. of Richard Wilson of Black Hall Esquire. Arms, sa. lion rampant, in chief 3 mullets of six points.


(On N wall after 2nd window). S. m. George Dudgeon who d. September 27th 1814 Aged 42. Also of Mary his Wife who d. March 2nd 1815 Aged 52.


(N. E.). In m. Mary Ann Edmondson aged 2 y. 1825, Mary Edmondson 4 y. 1829, Jane Edmondson 2 y. 1835, Joseph Edmondson 3 y. 1838, Catherine Edmondson 1 y. 1838, Dorothy Edmondson 4 y. 1844.


(E). To m. Ann Elleray, Da. of Robert & Jane Elleray of Kirkland, Tanner, who d. 1. January 20th 1826 Aged 5 y. Also of Robert Elleray their Son who d. 1. February 18th 1828 Aged 9 y., And of Jane Elizabeth Elleray, second Da. of the above named who d. 1. December 23rd 1837 Aged 10 y. Also in m. Robert Elleray, Father to Children above named who d. 1. April 12th 1849 Aged 71 y. Also of Jane Elleray the beloved Wife of the above who d. 1. October 23, 1855 Aged 59 y.


(E). Here lies Interred Christopher Elleray late of Cooper House in Strickland Roger, Tanner, who d. l. the 22d Day of March in the Y. 1748 in the 66 Y. of his Age.


(E). A. Elliott d. 30th April 1824 Aged 91. Catherine Elliott d. 22nd January 1826 Aged 81.


(W). In m. Jane the Wife of John Emmett of Preston who d. l. April 20th 1847 Aged 37 y.