(W). Here lieth the Body of John Salkeld, Gentleman, Supervisor of the Excise, who d. L. Sept. 9, 1773 Aged 78 Y. Also Jane his Wife who d. the 16th day of February 1788 Aged 83 Y.


(S aisle above entrance). Heus Peripatetice. Siste, disce, et (si possis) imitare. En pulchrum, tibi virtutis, Specimen, Eximium, ingenij et laboris, exemplar. Humana, quicquid valuit, solertia; Quicquid magnum, laudabile, utile, Honesta, potuit assequi, vel efficere, industria, Illud totum, optime valuit, assequutus est, effecit, Prudentia, charitate, diligentiâ summa; Illud nempe (Quem nec mirari licet, nec satis dolere) Egregius industriae Fautor, Singularis Literarum Patronus, Pauperum perpetuus Pater, Thomas Sandes, Qui, annis satiatis, Caelomaturus, (Charissimae Conjugi heu breve nimis superstes) Hinc abijt Vicesimo secundo die Augusti, Anno Salutis humanae MDCLXXXI, Aetatis suae, LXXV. Abijt (inquam) non obijt, nequit enim mori, Dum sit hominibus virtus, aut, virtuti historia. At-at! Sileat lperiturum marmor ; Omni dum marmore Perennius, Et vel Memphitica, diuturnius, Pyramide, Ipso, sibi monumentum, struxit, Gerontocomium. Arms, fess dancette between 3 cross crosslets fitche. (See Preface.)


(Brass plate N wall, B2). Here lyeth the body of Thomas Sandford eldest son to Mr. Ephraim Sandford of K. K. who dyed the 28th of January 1692 being 3 yeares and 7 months olde.


(E). James Savage, Cooper d. May 3, 1814 aged 62. James his Son d. April 29, 1793 aged 4. Elizabeth Da. of Thomas and Peggy Savage d. L. January both 1827 aged 8 Y. Alice Savage, Relict of James Savage of Kendal, Cooper, d. March 18, 1830 Aged 79, Also of James Savage, who d. L. August 14th, 1836, Aged 19 Y. Peggy Savage d. January 3d 1845 aged 56. (per Mr. Jennings).


(W. altar tomb). Here lie the Remains of William Scales of Birks in New Hutton, who d. January 15, 1771 Aged 66. Also of Elizabeth his widow, who d. April 23, 1804 aged 92. Also of John Robinson of Stricklandgate, Kendal, who d. June 2, 1791 Aged 53. Also of Sarah Robinson, Widow of the aforesaid John Robinson, who d. December 10th 1811 Aged 73.


(In brass on W wall Bellingham chapel). In m. Margaret and John Haydn who d. A.D. Mdcccxxx and Sarah who d. AD. Mdcccxxix the little children of Thomas Scarisbrick, Organist of this church, and Margaret his Wife. “Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.”


(In. N. brass). In a. r. Thomas Searisbrick, Organist and Choir- Master of the Parish Church, Kendal, who d. February 26th 1869 Aged 63 y. This memorial was erected by the singing men and boys of his choir in testimony of their appreciation of his talents in his profession, their esteem for him as their friend, and their sense of the great loss sustained by them in his death. He was appointed organist in Deer. 1802 and held the office to the time of his death. T. S. Deer. 1868. “Come and let us return unto the Lord and he will have mercy upon us and to our God, He will abundantly pardon.” (Set to music in four parts).


(In. W. on parchment in frame). M. S. Viri vere Generosi, Plurimisque nominibus desideratissimi Georgii Sedgwick. Qui, Omnibus cultioris humanitatis dotibus, abunde ornatus Honorabili D.D. Philippo Comiti Penbrochiensi Celeberimaz deinde illius Viduae Amanuensis sibi Locum meruit; Cujus Familia (qua nemo Famulus non floruit) Annis pariter atque opibus auctus (monente munificentissima Dominà Partis faeliciter fruendis Sedem Senectuti suae comparare) Fundum, huic Municipio vicinum, emit dictum Collinfeild Vbi plus tribus Lustris Singulari in pauperes charitate, Amicitia in proximos, Erga omnes benevolentià Notis omnibus charus et amabilis vixit, Nec paucioribus flebilis obijt Decimo Die Junij Anno Salutis Humanaz MDCLXXXV. AEtatis suae LXVII.


(S.E). In this place are deposited the remains of Henry Sewell and Emanuel Fothergill, Privates in His Majesty’s Royal Westmorland Militia, the former d. November 3, 1805 Aged 23, the latter d. March 13, 1806 Aged 20. The esteem and respect they were held in by their Comrades in the Regiment in which they had the honor to serve, cannot be better proved than by their unaminous consent and contribution to erect this Stone to perpetuate their memory and to express their regret at the loss they have sustained.

Friends take these tears, Mortality’s relief,
And till we share your joys, forgive our grief,
These little rites—on Stone—a verse receive,
Tis all a comrade, all a Friend can give.


(N.E). Here are deposited the remains of Anthony Sharp late of Stramongate, grocer, who d. on the 14th day of July 1840, and of Sarah his wife who d. on the 17th day of May 1835, of Robert their only son who d. on the 1st day of January 1817 aged 4 y. also of Isabella, the wife of Richard Wilson solr. their only da. who d. on the 10th day of July 1840 aged 33 y.


Here Lieth the Body of James Shaw, Esqr. laite Mayor of Kendal, who Died in his Mayoralty, the 16 of May 1739, Aged 51, and also three of his Children Elizabeth, Edmond and Ann. Here also Lie Elizabeth his Wife, who died the 12 of July 1753 Aged 63. (Partly Mr. Jennings’ copy.)


(In floor S aisle). Here lieth the Body of John Shaw Esqr. late Justice of the Peace for the County of Westmorland, and Magistrate of this Corporation. He d. L. on the 3d Day of May 1782 in the 66th Y. of his Age.
Mr. Shaw was nephew to the celebrated Oriental traveller Dr. Thomas Shaw. His son John built Anchorite’s House, and his third son William married Anne da of Thos. Wybergh, eldest son Alderman John Shaw, of Clifton Hall, by Mary Hilton of Ormside Hall. (Mr. Jennings).


(E. altar tomb). Here lie the Bodies of Thomas Shaw, Shearman, and Agnes his wife, he d. Jany. 4, 1695 aged 65. She d. March 1720 aged 77. This Monument is erected to their Memory by ye Rev. Thos. Shaw D.D. their grand-son. Also Thomas Baldwin who d. Octr. 27, 1782 aged 90. Elizabeth his wife d. August 17, 1785 aged 90. Thomas their Son d. Decr, 18, 1787 aged 56. John their Son d. Feby. 3, 1788 aged 53. Miles their Son d. Jany. 16, 1807 aged 74. Margaret his wife d. April 6, 1811 aged 74 y. Martha, Da.of Thos.And Elizabeth Baldwin d. Septr. 22, 1813 aged 91. (brass, W. end). In m. Sarah Cundall who d. July 26th 1815 Aged 78 y.


(W). Thomas Shaw 1827, Jaine Shaw 1827, Thomas Shaw, Junr. 1838, David Shaw 1817, Mary Shaw 1824.


(N.W.) In m. John Shepherd late of Kirkby Ireleth, Lancashire, who d. August 1st 1823 Aged 73 y. Also of Agnes his Widow who d. May 11th 1825 Aged 77 y. No splendid Monument is necessary to perfect their virtue, they are entombed in the Hearts of their own Family to be effaced only by death. Also of Mary Askew their grandchild who d. March 15th 1824 Aged 2 y. and 9 m. In m. Dorothy Askew who d. Sepr. 23d 1852 Aged 65.


(Brass plate N wall, G1). To M. Mrs. Penelope Shepherd, who D. L. the 19th of March 1732, Whose Example this Inscription Recommends to posterity. For under this Stone Lie the Remains of an affectionate Wife, a beneficent Neighbour, a faithful Friend; Who lived esteemed, and died lamented, was Religious in Health, Patient in Sickness, and Resigned in Death. Thomas Shepherd Esqr. dedicates this Inscription To M. his beloved Wife And desires it may remain a lasting Monument of his Esteem and Affection. Crest a demi-eagle displayed, issuing from flames. Arms ar. 3 martlets gu. on chief of last, 3 martlets of field.


(Brass plate N wall, B1). Here Lieth the Remains of Thomas Shepherd, Gent. Who D. L. the 29th of May 1732. He Was skilful and active in Business, An affectionate Husband, An indulgent Parent, and a faithful Friend.


(E). Here Lyeth the Body of William Shepherd late Malster in Kendal who Died Augt. the 7th 1730 Aged 71. Here also lie the Remains of Agnes his Wife who Departed this Life July the 24th 1759 aged 94. Here likewise lie the Remains of Robert Shepherd Son of the above William and Agnes Shepherd who Died a Batchelor June the 25th 1777 aged 89 Also William Newby, Cordwainer of Kendal who departed this Life January 23rd 1791 aged 52.


(E). Here lay the remains of Ann Dorothy and Catherine Shutt.


(E). Here lay the remains of John Shutt with Margaret his wife and their children John, Isabella, and Mary, also Elizabeth.


(W. altar tomb). To M. Agnes Simondson, Da. of Win. and Eliz. Simondson who d. 1. March 23d 1784 aged 23 y., And Jane who d. an Infant. Also James Haigh late of Manchester who d. L. March 25th 1785 aged 27 Y. Likewise the Remains of Alice Wood their oldest (sic) Da. Wife of Win. Wood who d. Octr. 28th 1787; Aged 31 Y. And Elizabeth her Da. are here interred. Walter Simondson d. Oct. 20th 1814 Aged 88 V. Marcy (sic) his Wife d. Feby. 25th 1821 Aged 81.


(E). In m. Eleanor, Wife of James Simpson of Kendal, Solicitor, who d. 4th Sep. 1807 aged 42. And of their two sons John, d. 11 April 1803 aged 4, James d. June 18, 1803 aged 2. And of the above James Simpson who d. 1st Jan. 1815 aged 48. Also in m. John Davison Atkinson, grandson of the above James and Eleanor Simpson, who d. August 12th 1841 Aged 8 y. And of James Masterson Atkinson his brother who d. June 10th 1843 Aged 7 y.


(W). In m. John Simpson, Kirkland, Who d. March 23, 1814 Aged 15 y. N. S. 1829.


(W). S. m. Richard Simpson late of this town, plasterer, who d. March 16th 1832 aged 75 y., also of Ann his Wife who d. Decr. 14th 1809 aged 41 y. Requiescant In Pace.


(W). Singleton’s.


(N. altar tomb). S. M. Jaines Sinkinson late of this town, wine merchant, b. 19th March 1768, d. 7th June 1828, also of Elizabeth his da. b. 8th April 1811, d. 2nd July 1812. Ann his da. b. 21st June 1816, d. 23rd June 1817. Benjamin his son, b. 25th May 1805, d. 23rd February 1831, also of Mary Sinkinson wife of the above-named James Sinkinson, b. 1st May 1773, d. 22nd June 1831, and of James their youngest son, b. 15th December 1806, d. 15th March 1842.


(N.E). In m. Thomas Sirr, late Guard of the Leeds & Kendal Coach & Innkeeper of this town who d. November 11th 1834 aged 61 y., & of Elizabeth wife of Henry Sanders & da. of Robert Brooks formerly of the White Hart Inn who d. on the 22nd day of August 1843 aged 23 y.


(E). S. in. Joseph Sisson who d. Novr. 30th 1838 aged 75 y., also of Ann his wife who d. Feby. 24th 1848 aged 84 y.


(E). This Stone is placed, in a. r. her integrity and attachment during a service of 57 y., over the remains of Isabel Snart who d. at Allithwaite Lodge in the Parish of Cartmel on the 25th of October 1833.