(In. N.E). S. M. Thomas Van of Llanwern, Monmouthshire Esqr. who d. L. 27 June 1794 Aged 38.


(Previous to re-flagging of the nave &c. in 1849, and near the font and the Yeates stone on N. over the remains of John Walde, Mayor in 1742-3). J.W. (Mr. Jennings).
Mr. W., card manufacturer, died , 18 March 1766 aged 77, and was interred on the south side of the nave. (Mr. Jennings).


(S. removed from against old vestry 1850). In. M Charles Wade who d. 17th December 1797 aged 77. Also of Agnes his Wife who d. 31st of May 1783 aged 64.


(N). S. m. Elizabeth Wakefield, Wife of Roger Wakefield, Highgate, Kendal, who d. 1. Feb. 19th 1813 aged 67. Also of K. T. A. Wakefield, their Son, who d. in H. M. S. Vengeur, off Carthagena, on the 31st of March 1814 (13 a correction) aged 43, (40, do). This testimony of filial affection to the best of Parents, is erected by her only Da. E. S. Wakefield. Also E. S. Heap, who d. Novr. 28th 1822 Aged 37 y. I. W. Heap d. August 9th 1835 aged 18.


(N.W. altar tomb). In M. Musgrave Walker Esquire, Late of Workington, Captain in the Cumberland Militia, who d. July 13th 1793, Aged 53 y.


(N.E). In m. John Walker, hosier, Stramongate, Kendai, who d. 1. March 1st 1846, aged 73 y., also of Elizabeth Walker his wife, who d. 1. Jany. 18th 1854 aged 83 y.


(N. altar tomb, rail). Francis Webster, late of this town, architect and one of the aldermen of the burgh, b. May 1st 1767, d. at Eller How, in Cartmel, October 20th 1827.


(N. altar tomb). In m. James Webster late of Kendal who d. at High House, Natland, October 1st 1837 aged 73 y. and of Agnes his wife, who d. at Kirfitt Hall, Casterton, December 13th 1800, aged 38 y., also of Jane their da. who d. April 20th 1833 aged 36 y., and of Eleanor, second wife of James Webster, who d. at High house, Natland, November 19th 1834 aged 85 y., also of Elizabeth, da. of James and Agnes Webster and wife of William Longmire who d. 8th August 1851 aged 57 y., also of Elizabeth Williamina their da. who d. 10th June 1839, aged 10 m.


(In. N. clerestory window). In m. William Webster who d. Jan. 10 1851, and Mary Webster who d. November 18th 1850. (Shield with monogram) T.W.


(In. S. clerestory window). Presented to the Church by the Rev. George Fredk. Weston, formerly Curate of this Church, now Vicar of Crosby Ravensworth. (On shield) eagle displayed. (per Mr. Rushforth).


(N. altar tomb). In m. Agnes, the beloved wife of Samuel Whinerey, who d. On the 20th day of January 1839, Aged 41 y. Also of Agnes Adlington Whinerey, da. of the above who d. On the 21st day of September 1849 Aged 22 y.


(N.W). S. m. James Whitaker who d. January 19th 1841 aged 70 y., also of John his son who d. December 13th 1807 aged 11 m., also of Anne his wife, who d. June 14th 1847 aged 68 y.


(In W floor below tower). Robert Whitehead, 1825.


(N). E. Wilkinson 1852. T. Wilkinson, 1808. E. Wilkinson 1825, I. Wilkinson, 1811. N. Wilkinson, 1828. Is. Witton, 1831. A. Wilkinson 1849.


(W). Here lie the Remains of George Wilkinson, Cordwainer, who d. the 6th of March 1777 aged 84 y. Here also lie the Remains of Elizabeth Wilkinson his Wife who d. the 9th day of December 1781, Aged 71 Y.


(N. wall). H. W. 1793, M. W. 1807, M. W. 1781, John Dawson Wilkinson, Son of James & Jane Wilkinson d. Feby. 27th 1819 Aged 3 Y., also of Isabella Wilkinson, B. Decr. 3d 1820, D. Feby. 17th 1823. Henry John Dawson Wilkinson B. Decr. 3d 1820, D. July 26th 1832.


(N. wall). In m. Henry Wilkinson and of Margaret his wife late of Kendal, who d. April 22, 1793, aged 60 y., she d. January 12, 1807, aged 64 y., also of Mary their da. who d. (May 1) 1781 aged 9 y.


(E). Here lie the Remains of Isaac son of James Wilkinson late of Backbarrow, who d. l. the 11th day of March 1755 in the 87 y. of his age. (Partly from Mr. Jenning’s copy).


(N. wall). In m. James Wilkinson, late of Bank House, Kendal, who d. October 8th 1837 aged 53 y.


(N). In m. John Wilkinson, Tanner, late of Kendal, who d. January the 9th 1791 Aged 25. Also of Isabella, his Da. who d. an Infant Decemr. the 12th 1790. This Tomb was erected by Sarah Wilkinson his Widow.


(W). Tom William Wilkinson late of Stramongate, Kendal, Hosier, who D. L. October 19, 1790 aged 53 Y.

Near this Stone a faithful Pair are laid,
Who have the common Debt of Nature paid,
When living, honest, generous, & kind,
A loss to all their Friends they’ve left behind.

Also of Sarah, Wife of Thomas Wilkinson who d. Feby. 14th 1830 Aged 63 Y. Also of Thomas Wilkinson of Hyneing Cottage (Westmorland) d. July 19th 1835 Aged 72 Y.


(Broken below 1st window from entrance in W wall )(In. W). To m. John Williamson late of Natland Beck, Gent. who d. 1. Feb. 29, 1760 aged 51. And Mary his wife, da. of James and Catherine Cowperthwaite of Whitwell, who d. Aug. 20, 1784; aged 79. Also Stephen their elder son who d. an Infant, This Monument was erected by their only surviving son, James Williamson B.D. of Queen’s College, Oxford.