(N.) In m. Alice Bailey, Widow of Joseph Bailey, who d. 1. the 8th day of October, 1794, in the 80th y. of her age.


(From fragments on wall of churchyard and old vicarage court). Here Lyeth the Body of Mr. William Banks of Stricklandgate, who d. May 12th, 1725, in the 3—y. of his Age. Here lieth the Body of Elinor Banks late wife of the above Mr. William Banks, who d. I. the 12th of. April, 1721, in the …. Margaret, the da. of Mr. William and Eleanor Banks. d. March 18th, 1723, Aged 9 y. Also Mr. John Banks of Stricklandgate, their son, d. August 13th, 1729, in the 27th y. of his age- (Mr. Jennings’ copy; m. 25 September, 1712, W. B. and Hellen Moore of Stricklandgate, par. reg.)


(In. altar, tomb, S. aisle, and window). This Window, telling of Jesus and the Resurrection, is an offering to the Church in memory of the Reverend Joseph Watkins Barnes, M.A., and is presented by friends desirous of recording their grateful recognition of his services as Vicar of this Parish from A.D. MDCCCLIV to AD. MDCCCLVIII, and in particular of his zeal in labouring to effect the restoration and adornment of this Church, a work much needed, the chief part of which, including the Nave and Chancel, commenced in MDCCCL, he had the happiness of seeing successfully carried out before his death on the XVth of May, MDCCCLVIII. (On window). I am the Resurrection and the Life. He preached unto them Jesus and the resurrection. Who was delivered for our offences and was raised again for our justification. In sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life through our Lord Jesus Christ.


(In. clerestory window S). Presented by the Rev. Jos. Watkins Barnes, late Fellow of Trin. Coll., Cam., now Vicar of Kendal, A.D. MDCCCII. Arms. ar. chevron between 3 roses, gu. on chief of last lion passant between 2 clasped books or (Mr. Rushforth).
(Brass plate N wall, P1). This is to certify that the Brass Plates to the East of this Inscription were collected from the Floor and Pew door of this church, during its Restoration in 1851 and 1852, and were carefully preserved and are precisely the same as they were found at the time. In testimony whereof we have caused this Brass plate to be engraved. Joseph Watkins Barnes, vicar of Kendal. William Chaplin, curate; churchwardens, John Mann, churchhusband, Edward Branthwaite, Isaac Edmondson, Joseph Barrow, Robert B. Hunter, Rainforth Hodgson, Samuel Compston, Thomas Busher, Henry Cragg, Thomas Brockelbank, Anthony Nicholson, Joseph Morton, Christopher Birkett, John Washington, Parish clerk.


(In N. clerestory window). In m. Valentine Bagshot Barnes and Henry I. Stourgeon Barnes, Twin children of Joseph Watkins Barnes. “Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” 18 February, 1850, (Mr.Rushforth).


(N). S. m. William Barrow, whod. 1. January 16th, 1825, in the 51st y. of his age. His disconsolate Widow, as a testimony of her affectionate regard, caused this stone to be erected.

Weep not, dear friends, I am at peace and rest
With no corroding care, or pain opprest;
Then, 0 prepare, for soon like me you must
Be food for , and mingle with the dust.

Also Barbara Barrow, who d. January 20th, 1829, aged 58 y. Also of William Dunn Barrow, their Grandson, d. July 25th, 1832, aged 3 y. and 7 m. Also of Frances, son of the above Wm. and Barbara Barrow, who d. May 3rd, 1834, aged 36.


(In. Bellingham chapel, E). Here lieth the body of Mr. Henry Bateman, late of Blease, who d. the 18th day of March, Anno Dom. 1682/3 et. ætatis suae 31, H.B. MDCLXXXIII.


(Brass plate N wall, J3).Here lieth the body of Mr. Roger Bateman, eldest son of Mr. Henry Bateman, late of Blease, who (being four y. and three moneths old) d. the ninth day of August, Anno Dom. 1684.


(Brass plate N wall, H1). Here under lyeth the body of’ Alice, the wife of Roger Bateman of Ould Hutton, Clothier, da. of Richard Garthwait of Garsdale Yeamon (sic), who dyed the 25th day of March, 1637, being aged 26 years 5 monthes and od dayes, and left issue 3 daus., Agnes, Margaret, and Elizabeth.

Shall we entrust a grave with such a guest,
Or thus confine her to a marble chest,
Who though the Indies met in one smale roome,
Th’are short in treasure of this pretious tombe,
Well borne, and bred, brought up to fears and car;
Marriage, which makes up women, made her rare,
Matron and maide with all choyse virtues grac’st.
Louveving and lov’d of all, a soule so chast,
Ne’re rigg’d for heaven, with whom none dare
Venture their states with her in bliss to share,
She liveing virtues pattern, the poores releife,
Her husband’s cheifest joy, now dead, his greife.


February, 1807, aged 86 y., his da. Nancy, the wife of Thomas Harrison, surgeon, d. 3d June, 1821, aged 52 y.,) also of Thomas Harrison, late of Kendal, sugeon, & one of the senior aldermen of this burgh who d. the 4th of July, 1834, in the 61st y. of his age.


(W. altar tomb formerly railed. On side). In M. James Baxter, late an Alderman of this Burgh, who d. June 26th, 1737, Aged 37, Also of Joyce Baxter, his Wife who d. in the year 1737. Aged 38, Also of James their Son, who d. an Infant. (On top). In M. William Baxter, late of Kendal who d. January 31st, 1798, Aged 67. Also of Agnes his Wife who d. April 4th, 1775, Aged 38, and of John Baxter, late of Kendal, Surgeon, who d. October 3d, 1758, Aged 30, and Phillis his Wife who d. December 28th, 1793, Aged 69. Also of Agnes Baxter who d. December 27th, 1768, Aged 34, and of Margaret Baxter who d. November 27th, 1795, aged 63, Sisters to the above William Baxter.


(W). In M. Miles Beck, late of Natland who d. October 14th, 1780, Aged 60, also of John Beck his Son, who d. August 14th, 1784, Aged 37. Also of Agnes Dickinson, his Da. who d. November 9th,1804, Aged 47. Also of John Dickinson his Son in Law, who d. January 2nd, 1807, Aged 56. Also of Martha, Widow of Miles Beck who d. November 8th, 1810, Aged 86. Also of Margaret their Da., who d. April 28th. 1811, Aged 46, Also of Emma their Da. who d. November 23d, 1818, Aged 73. Also of Thomas, son of Thomas Beck, who d. May 7th, 1818, Aged 26. Also of Walter Beck of London, their son, who d. January 6th, 1818, Aged 59. Also of Thomas Beck of Kendal, their Son, who d. February 1st, 1819, Aged 66. Also of William Beck, their Son who d. and was Buried in the Isle of Delos, Africa, June 1791, Aged 36. Also of Miles Beck of Preston in Lancashire, their Son, who d. January 13th 1821, Aged 70.


(W.) Here lie the Bodys of William Beezon, of Kirkland, with Bridget his Wife, He Died July 1st, 1775, aged 80, She Died Dec. 5th, 1774, (aged) 81. Here Also lies Dorothy Beezon, his Sister, who Died July 18th, 1778, aged 76.


(W. altar tomb.) Here lie the Remains of Matthew Bell, Tanner, and Ann his Wife, late of Kendal. Also of John, their Son, who d. Dec. 29, 1740, aged 53, and Mary his Wife, Da. of Thomas Foster, who d. Jan. 20, 1785, aged 87. And of the Children of the said John and Mary Bell, viz: Thomas who d. an Infant, Jan. 26, 1736. Jane who d. unmarried Jan. 8, 1763, aged 26, Matthew who d. Dec. 25, 1766, aged 33 (Leaving Agnes the Da. of William Yeats, Esqr., of Beetham, his widow and John their only Child,) and Eleanor who d. unmarried Jan 5, 1811 aged 76. [John, only Child of the above-named Matthew and Agnes Bell d. February 6th, 1836, aged 72 y. He obtained the highest Mathematical honours at Cambridge and was elected Fellow of Trinity College. By his great learning and industry he raised himself to a most distinguished position at the bar, and was appointed one of His Majesty’s Counsel. He d. in London, and was buried at Milton near Canterbury in the County of Kent, leaving an only son Matthew.] (part in brackets per Mr. Jennings.)


(Windows, Bellingham chapel N.) Arms. 4ly, 1 and 4 ar. bugle horn gu. stringed sa. (Bellingham); 2 and 3 ar. 3 bendlets, on canton gu. lion rampant of field (Burneshead), impaling, r and 4 az. in fess 4 fusils conjoined (Aske); 2 and 3. barry of 8 ar. and az. (Aske) (Whittakers Richmondshire II 329, notes Bellingham and Burneshead 4 ly in 4 places on the windows.)


(Brass, knight in armour, Bellingham chapel N. 1888 but formerly in an adjoining pew. Mr. Nicholson’s Annals pp. 56-7) Here lyeth the bodye of Alan Bellingh’m Esquier, who maryed Catheryan da. of Anthonye Ducket Esquier by Whome he had no Children after whose decease he maryed Dorothie da. of Thomas Sandford Esquier of whome he had vii sonnes and eight daus. of which 5 sonnes and 7 daus. with ye said Dorethye ar yeat living. He was threscore and one year of age and dyed ye 7 of Maye A. dm. 1577 AB.D. Arms I, 4ly 1 and 4 ar. 3 bugle horns stringed sa. (Bellingham); 2 and 3 Burneshead. (as before). II, The same impaling 4ly 1, per chevron sa. and erm. in chief 2 boars’ heads couped or (Sandford); 2, gu, 3 lioncels rampant ar. (English); 3, or, on chevron between 3 mullets pierced az. as many fleurs-de-lis of field (Crackenthorpe) ; 4, ar. a bars on canton gu. lion rampant or (Lancaster). Motto (not now extant) Ainsy l’est. (Mr. Nicholson).


(In. altar tomb, Bellingham chapel N. old tomb ) Here under lyeth Sir Roger Bellingham Knt (Knyght) which of (at) his own (e) proper costs and (&) charges (have) bui(y)lded the (c) Chapell of our Lady within this (c) Church (e) of Kendall (1) and of Margaret his (W)wife daur. of Sir Robt. Aske, Knight, and of Elizabeth his Wife daur (dar.) to the Lord John Clifford now (now omitted) created (e) Earl (e) of Cumberland, which Sir Roger d. the 18th (xviii) day of July A.D. (Ao.) 1533 (MDXXXIII) and the sd (sayd) Margaret (Margt.) dyed the . . day of . . . A. D. 15… (M.D . . ) whose soul(e)s Jhesu pardon. [At E. end.] This tomb was restored with new brasses in 1863 by John Broadbent grandson of Sir William Bellingham of Kendal, who d. May 18th, 1794 his other grandson William Bellingham of Burnley and five sons are lineal descendants of Sir Roger; (Arms twice on S. side) 4ly 1, bugle horn stringed (Bellingham ancient); 2 and 3, lion impaling 2 bendlets (Burneshead) ; 4, 3 bugle horns stringed (Bellingham). (On new slab) (E) 1. and 3 bugle horns sa. stringed and garnished or, (Bellingham); II, 1 and 4, Bellingham; 2 and 3, 3 bendlets (for Burneshead). (W) III, 4ly 1 and 4 Bellingham; 2 and 3, 3 bendlets gu. on canton of last, lion rampant (Burneshead), impaling or, in front of tree ppr. wild boar gu. (Gilpin. N. & B. I. 207) IV. .or, 3 bars az. in centre chief point annulet. (for Parr.)


(Brass plate N wall, K1). Here under lieth the body of Isabell the da. of Mr. Charles Benson of Scalthwaitrigge and wife of Mr. William Curwen of Helsington Laithes,

Who was B. ye 6th day of January, 1621, and D. L. ye 28th day of Feby., 1674.
Her zeal, her alms, her (meek) obedience
To Hannah, Dorcas Sarah called her hence
She dy’d each day, Now bliss, life’s her recompence.