Suggested Interest:    Command of a man of war


(Brass in N wall, F1 faded). Near this place lie the Remains of Ann Fairbank, Widow of John Fairbank, Alderman, and Da. of Matthew Bell, Tanner, She d. L. June the 23d 1766 Aged 72.


(E). James Fell, 1822, Mary Fell, 1832.


(S. E.). Near this place are deposited the remains of James Fell late surgeon in Kendal, he was b. at Gleaston in the County of Lancaster the sixth day of July A.D. MDCCXXXIX and d. the seventeenth day of September A,D. MDCCCIII. His professional skill, his simplicity of manners, his warm benevolence of disposition and his active, extensive and unostentatious charity rendered him respected in life, resigned through a long and acute illness and comfortable at the hour of death under the firm and Christian hope of a future and a better World. Reader! Go and do thou likewise. Then humbly meet thy God.


(In floor N aisle near Breadboards). Thomas Fell 1819. Bridget Fell 1841.


(W wall, in window reveal Inner South aisle). S. m. Thomas Fell, late of Kendal Esqr. who d. 1. July 21st 1819 aged 42 y. This tablet was erected by Bridget his widow who entered into the rest that she longed for on the 1st of March 1841 aged 58


(W). C.F. 1808. P.F. 1825., M.F. 1802. A.F. 1802. A.F. 1803 (5).


(High on W wall before 2nd window). S. m. Christopher Fenton who d. 1 Nov. 1808 Aged 84. ” Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.” He was Senior Alderman of this Burgh 20 years, and served the Office of Mayor four Times with Zeal and Fidelity. Also of Barbara his Wife, who d. 28 Nov. 1796 Aged 74. Also of Miles Fenton who d. Sep. 1809, Aged 82. Also of Agnes, Wife of Cr. Fenton Junr. who d. 24 May 1804 Aged 29, & her two Children Agnes Aged 3 y. and Christopher an amiable Youth who d. in Liverpool 5 Oct. 1811, Aged 14. Near this place are also Interred the Remains of Elizabeth only Da. of the above Christopher Fenton who d. 1. the 19th day of February 1829 in the 76 y. of her Age. Arms, ar cross fimbriated between 4 fleurs de lis. Crest, out of Eastern crown, arm embowed holding dagger.


(In floor N aisle below first window). Elizabeth Fenton.


(Brass plate N wall, G2). Here lieth interred Benjamin Fenwick Esq. a worthy Descendant from the Antient Family of Nunriding in Northumberland who d. November the 15th 1752 in the 84th Y. of his Age. This laudable Gentleman truly zealous and firmly strenuous for the Glory of his Prince and the Good of his Country spent sixty y. in the Marine Service, with unblemished Honour, and undeviating Fidelity. As a just Reward of his gallant Actions, His Sovereign gave him the Command of a man of war. In that important Post He fought the Enemies of Great Britain with intrepid Courage, meritorious Conduct, and memorable Success. Mrs. Lambert, his Niece, ordered this Inscription as a solemn Testimony of her great Regard to his merit and gratefull Affection for his memory.


(Brass plate N wall, D1). Here lie the Remains of Mrs. Jane Fenwick, a Descendant from the worthy Family of the Fenwicks of Overborrough in Lancashire who d. July the 5th 1753 aged 57 y.


(In. N. dove, crown, and palm branch, 3 books, one opened). In m. Anne, wife of Ralph Fisher of Hill-Top near Kendal Esquire, a most affectionate partner, a kind and tender mother, a sincere and attached friend and a truly pious Christian. She d. l. on the 21st. day of June 1818 at the age of 38 y. leaving a disconsolate husband & a large young family to deplore her loss. ‘Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.’ (Crest, a Kingfisher holding a fish. Arms, or, chevron between three kingfishers gu: Motto Ex fide fortis.


(Brass plate N wall, C1). Here lieth the body of Edward Fisher, eldest son of Mr. Thomas Fisher of Highgate in K. Kendall who d. the 4th day of March Anna Domini 1676 ætatis suae 19, (some Greek, difficult to decipher, follows).


(N. W). Underneath this Stone is interred John, The Son of Ralph & Ann Fisher of Hill-Top in this County, who d. the 7th Day of April 1810 Aged 11 m. Also Sarah & Betsey, Infant Daus. of Ralph and Ann Fisher, who d. the 18th August 1816. Also Ann, Wife of Ralph Fisher, who d. 21st June 1818 Aged 38 y.


(In. N. clerestory window). John Fisher gave this. Arms, az. on chevron between 3 towers, ar. a compass. Motto, In the Lord is our trust. (Mr. Rushforth).


(N. altar tomb). In rn Mary Ann Flintoff who d. the 5th of March 1838 aged 29 y. “In the day when I cried thou answeredst me, and strengthenedst me with strength in my soul.” Psalm 138, verse 3rd.


(Old. vicarage wall S.E). Here Lyes interred the Remains of Elizabeth Da. of Benjamin & Elizabeth Fletcher Who d. l. November the 26th 1780 Aged 24 Y. Elizabeth, Wife of Benjamin Fletcher of High-gate D. 24th October 1783 Aged 61. Benjamin Fletcher, of Finkle Street, D. 13th July 1793 Aged 84. (Mr. Jennings).


(S. Wall, removed thither in 1849, with others, from mid aisle floor, on the church being partially re-flagged) Here lie the Remains of Hannah, Wife of William Fletcher, Apothecary and Surgeon, who d. 1. April ad 1752 in the 37th Y. of her Age, she was Da. to Christopher & Jennet Cowperthwaite late of Nether Levens. She was an affectionate and dutiful Wife and Da. and an indulgent Parent. (Mr Jennings).


(W. altar tomb). S. m. James Fothergill late of Kendal, who d. l. April 15th 1845 aged 59.


(E). In m. Thomas Fowler late of Slade House, Staffordshire who d. December 11, 1805 Aged 39.

(S). Isabella Frankland, Aged 19, 1826, Ann Frankland d. June 12th 1840 Aged 41 y. Margaret Frankland d. October 26th 1840 Aged 70 y