(Fragments on wall between churchyard and old vicarage court). Here lie the remains of Hannah Wife of William Sowden of (Far) Cross Bank Who II). L. September 22d, 1753 Aged 19 . . . was an affectionate . . . Also of Mrs. Dorothy Sowden, widow of John Sowden, She dep . . . June 28, 1741 A…


(S. E). Here lie the Remains of William Sowden late of Town End in Scalthwaiterigg, he d. July the 26th 1767 Aged 63, And Mary his Wife who died 23rd December 1787 Aged 63. (T. Jennings)
This family, who were for several generations woollen manufacturers at Mealbank, were members of the Society of Friends. The last representative, John Watson Sowden, died in 1839 (T. Jennings)


(On N wall after 2nd window) Hic in proximo situs est Michael Stanford. Erat ornamentum literarum et decus, Veritatis cultor eximius, Fidei propugnator strenuus, Ecclesiae Anglicanae Hookeros alter, Et Fanaticorum malleus. Et quicquid vel cupiunt vel debent esse Viri Is adeo, omni laude major, Coelo maturus, Suum ad triumphum evectus eat, Quinto Nonas Martij Anno Salutis Reparataz MDCLXXXII AEtatts Suae XLVIII Animarum hic Curae X mo. Hoc Willielmus Rawlinson de Gilthwaite-Rigge Armiger Summus Ei Amicus In memoriam Posuit.


(N.W). S. m John Stanley, son of John Stanley, Carpenter, and Elizabeth his wife, who d I. Augt. 17th 1830 Aged 22. The remains of this highly respected and much lamented young man are deposited by the side of seven other brothers and sisters who were all cut off before they arrived at the years of maturity


(E. 3 altar tombs, rail). [1]. Here lieth the Body of Edward Stephenson who d. L. the 9th Day of December 1766 aged 32. [2]. In m. Elizabeth Stephenson who d. May 3oth 1786 aged 50. And was interred under the adjoining Tomb also of Robert Stephenson her Son who d. April 5, 1803 aged 63. [3]. Here lieth the Body of Robert Stephenson who d. L. the 22d Day of December 1776 aged 88 y.


(E). Ann Stewardson, 1815.


(On S wall W end.) In m. Anne Stewardson who d. June 10th 1815, Aged 79 y. Also in m. her son Thomas Stewardson, Portrait Painter to Queen Caroline, B. at Kendal 17th August 1781 ; D. in London 28th August 1859 & Buried at Kensal Green, Middlesex, in the Seventy ninth y. of his Age.


(Strickland chapel, window). Arms with lambrequin gu. (?). sa. 3 escallops within border engrailed ar. Crest, over Esquire’s helmet, full topped holly tree ppr. (and on Scroll) Motto, Sans Mal. A.D. 1863.
Round the ceiling of this chapel are 4 shields with Arms, I. & II. Strickland with border (as above). III. 4ly. 1 & 4 Deincourt; 2 & 3, Strickland. IV. The same (but D. and S. not repeated 4ly.). impaling Neville. On the screen enclosing half the chapel are the Strickland arms with border.


(E. window in 1626 No. I. Whitaker; Nos. I, II, & III in Strickland Chapel, 1664, Dugdale Coll. Arms C. 39, 2nd Cal. 10b). Arms, I. 4ly. 1 & 4 ar. fess dancette between 8 billets sa. (Deincourt); 2 & 3, sa. 3 escallops ar. (Strickland). II. 4ly. I, Strickland; 2, Deincourt; 3, blank; 4, gu. fess ar. ( ). III. gu. garb. or, in chief a fleure lis of 2nd in crescent ermine between two Esquire’s helmets ppr. (Cholmeley).


(Strickland chapel, altar tomb). Arms, I. 4ly. 1 & 4, fess dancette between 9 billets 4 & 5 (Deincourt). 2 & 3 escallops(Strickland). II. The same (but not repeating) impaling on saltire, mallet pierced (Neville).


(Strickland chapel, floor). Caecilia Strickland 1814.


(Strickland chapel, E). S. m. Charles Strickland of Sizergh, who d. at Sizergh, October 6th 1770 aged 36y. and of Jarrad Strickland of Kendal who d. March 23rd 1795 and of Coecilia, da. of William Towneley of Towneley, wife of the above Charles Strickland, and afterwards of Jarrard Strickland, she d. at Sizergh June 28th 1814 aged 73 y. & of Thomas Strickland Standish, son of the above Charles and Coecilia, who d. at York December 4th 1813, and is buried in Standish Church. Requiescant in pace, in memoriam veneratam parentum communium Thomas atque Jarrarardus Strickland Posuerunt A.D. 1829.


(Brass plate N wall, S1). Nigh to this pillar lies ye Body of Mrs. Frances Strickland, late Wife to Mr. John Strickland of Strickland, & da. to Edward Backhouse of Morland Esq.

She was Born 24th June 1690
Marry’d. 24th June 1708
Bury’d 24th June 1725

Emblem of Temporal Good, The Day that gave
Her Birth & Marr’age saw Her in the Grave
Wing’d with its native Love her Soul took flight,
To Boundless Regions of Eternal Light.

The second word Strickland (above) is evidently a contraction of, or an error for Stricklandgate. The “brass” previous to 1850-2 was affixed to the large angular pillar (north) which bounds the chapel. (Mr. Jennings).


(Strickland chapel, altar tomb with recumbent child under canopy supported by 4 pillars. (At head) 1656 (At side) W.S. (Round edge of top slab).

This Pvre.refined Strvctvre does containe
Natvres cornpleatest peece where every graine
Waits for a gloriovs vnion and appeares
Shrind in Parentall Sighs and Marble teares.

(On slab). Memoriae Sacrvm Spectatissimae Speratissiae prolis Hic jacet Gvalterus Strickland fihivs natv maximvs Thomae Strickland de Sizergh militis & Ianae vxoris illivs maestissimae, cvm qvatvor alijs infantvlis ejvsdem Stirpis & Stematis; (sic) Hic sepvltis. Iste Gualterus; sicvti primogenitvs, ita optimis dotibvs apprime conspicvvs; eximae indolis, inclytae mentis, vvltvs amabilis, svavissimae conversations; svis qvo nemo charior, domesticis gratior, cvnctis acceptior. Corpus, Humo; Memoriam, seculo; Anima Deo; D.D.D. obyt ye 20 of Septem: 1656.


(Strickland chapel, E). Here lieth the body of Mary the wife of Thomas Strickland of Sizergh Esq. who d. L. on the ninth day of March 1737 in ye 35 y. of her Age. She was da. of Simon Scroop of Danby upon Yore in the County of York Esq. She had all the Virtues, and Perfections that make an Excellent wife, Mother & Friend. Here Lieth also ye body of Robert & Frances, children of ye said Thomas & Mary. R.I.P. Here also lyes the Body of the above Thos. Strickland Esqr. who d. ye 23 of March 5754 Aged 52. Arms (once) sa. 3 escallops ar. (Strickland), impaling az. a bend or (Scrope). Crest of Strickland, full-topped holly-bush; Motto, Sans mal. (Without crest now 1888, & only Scrope arms occupying whole shield.)


(In. 1626). An Epitaph to Robert Strickland of Sizergh Esq. who d. 18 June 1612. (Whitaker).


(Strickland chapel, floor). Thomas Strickland 1835.


(Strickland chapel floor, small brass). Thomas Strickland aged 2 y. and 2 m. d. ye 1st day of December 1678.


(Strickland chapel). D.O.M. Here lieth the Body of Walter Strickland of Sizergh in the County of Westmorland Esqr. He Married Margaret Messenger only Da. of Michael James Messenger of Fountains Abby Esqr. He d. without Issue on the 6th of July A.D. 1761 Aged 31 Y. 11 M. and 20 Days. R.I.P.


(Strickland chapel). S. M. William Philip Strickland Esqr. of Sizergh, Captn. in the 82nd Regt. Who d. at St. Domingo, the 18th of September 1795. A Sincere Friend and Affectionate Brother. (Brought hither by Mr. W. C. Strickland, from a barn at Standish).


(N. W). In M. George Richardson Stubbs eldest son of George & Ann Stubbs of Kendal, b. January 25th 1838 d. November 1st 1843. Suffer little children to come unto me & forbid them not for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Luke 18 Ch. 16 y.


(W). S. m. Alderman John Suart who in the y. 1794 and 1808 was Mayor of Kendal, his remains were deposited in the grave beneath on the 24th day of October 1819 in the 75th y. of his age.


(W). John Joseph, son of Joseph and Anne Swainson of Kendal, b. 23rd Decr. 1833, d. 23th Jany. 1835.


(W. altar tomb). In N. Margaret (D. of Isaac and Margaret Rawlinson of Lancaster, Late) wife of Joseph Swainson of (in) Kendal who d. 11th (Day of December) Decr. (A.S.) 1770 aged 20 (y). Surviving but 11 days the Birth of her only Child. Also of Isaac (Leut. in the 66th Regiment only son of the abovesaid Joseph and Margaret Swainson) their Son, Lieutenant in the 66th Regiment of Foot who d. at St. Domingo (the) 31st (day of) March 1796 Aged 26 (y. And) Of Elizabeth, Second Wife of (Alderman) the said Joseph Swain son who d. (d. L. the) 29th (Day of) January 1798 Aged 39 y. Of the said Joseph Swainson who d. 23rd May 1825 Aged 85, And Of John Fell Swainson, eldest Son of the above named Joseph & Elizabeth Swainson who d. 18th January 1826 Aged 31. (The parts in brackets are variations from an inscription that preceded the present one, which dates from 1825. Mr. Jennings).


(In. floor, chancel). Elizabeth Symonds, Wife of the Revd. Thomas Symonds AM. Vicar of K. Kendal, Dyed Oct. 9th 1765. Thomas Symonds D.D. d. February 16th 1789 aged 79. (Mr. Jennings).


(E). E. Symonds 1814. Elizabeth Scott 1826, Joice Scott, 1831. (Mr. Jennings)


(On N wall in W corner). S. M. The Rev. Thomas Symonds D.D. who d. the 16th Day of February 1789 having been 45 Y. Vicar of this Parish. “Forgive the wish that wood have kept thee here.” Reader, whoe’er Thou art, expect not the florid Epitaph, the Modesty of him whom it should perpetuate forbad: He only wishd to be remember’d by the Virtuous Jew, with whom he lived Respected and died lamented. Arms per fess ar. & az. pale counter-changed between 3 trefoils slipped of 1st. Crest, a fox (?).


(In. N. clerestory window). The Rev. Thomas Symonds D.D. Vic. of this Parish 45 y. d. Feby. 16 1789 aged 79. Esther Symonds. widow of Dr. Svmonds d. 23 Nov. 1814 aged 73. George Waller Scott her son 4 Dec. 1792 aged 34. Arms, As supra impaling gu. fess checky or & az. between 3 owls. (Mr. Rushforth).


(In. N). S. m. William Sympson 31 y. senior Alderman of this Burgh, & Jane his wife, Da. of Alan Chambre. He d. September 28, 1776, aged 78, he d. August 4, 1781 aged 83. S. m. Joseph Sympson and Rebecca his wife, Da. of John Miller, Senior Alderman of this Burgh, He d. October 31, 18o6 aged 76, she d. November 21, 1781 aged 41.


(In. W. floor). In M. Hannah the wife of Mr. Joseph Symson who d. September 7h in the y. of our Lord 1710 and of her age 53. Here also lyes the Body of Mr. Joseph Symson late Senior Alderman of Kendall who d. l. ye 7th of September 1731 in ye 81st y. of his Age. (Chiefly from Mr. Jennings copy).