(In S floor near Parr Chapel). Margaret Campbell d. 22nd January 1807 Aged 60y. The beloved Wife of David Campbell M.D. of this place, and of Thomas Preston of Applebreewick in the County of York


(E). In M. Sarah, Wife of Alexander Campbell of Carlisle And of Thomas Ashburner of Cowenhead who d. 13th May 1791 aged 60.


(In. W. floor, faint). H. S. S. Margareta Carlyle Georgii Carlyle. vidua et Johann. et Margaretae. filii at filiae, Et utrique Parentli et eorum et proli ad plures autem ib .. pr.. Marti (i)Anno Domini MDCCXLIV Aetatis XXVIII Vita summa, brevis spem son…
(Name & date clearly ascertained by Mr. Rushforth who produced par. reg. with burial of Margaret wife of Mr. George C. of Stricklandgate 28th Feb.1743-4).


(W). S. m. John Carter, builder, of this town, who d. January 1837 Aged 49y. Also of Hannah his wife who d. October 13th 1847 Aged 59 y., and of John Carter their son who d. in the year 1832 Aged 18 y. This stone was placed here by their Son C. R. Carter of New Zealand 1866.


(N. W). In m. Elizabeth, wife of John Cartmel of Kendal who d. June 25th 1833 Aged 28 y.


(W). Parental affection hath placed this Stone in remembrance of Thomas, the Son of Thomas & Jane Cnrtmell of Kendal who d. the both of May 1784 aged 6 y. And of Jane Cartmell their Da. who d. 24th of August 1785 aged 6y. And of Ann Cartmell who d. October 2nd 1809 aged 35 y. Thomas Cartmell d. 17 January 1823 Aged 83. Jane Cartmell d. 23d May 1825 Aged 85.


(On W wall below 1st window – not in Bellasis) Sacred to the memory of Elizabeth Carus, daughter of the late james Dowkere Esq. who departed this life Jan 16th 1804, aged 52 years. Also of Dorothy Dowker her sister who died May 15th 1831 Aged 82 years.


(Window in. S. Wall). See Stained Glass page. Alan Chambre and Alan Edward his Son, lineal descendants of John de Camera, Chamberlain of Kendal Castle A.D. 1230, Erected this Window as a family Memorial A.D. 1852 Arms, I or, cross ermine between 4 martlets sa. on chief, Augmentation of Arms of Milan city. II (dexter) or lion rampant gu. (Lupus). III (sinister) 4 ly, 1 & 4 ar. seme of cross crosslets sa. chevron gu, 2 & 3 ermine, on bend gu. 3 elephants’ heads or, over all on escutcheon of petence az. demi-lion rampant between 8 fleurs de lis ar. (Wessington).


(In S aisle high left above door.) In m. Sir Alan Chambre Knt. late one of his Majesty’s Justices of the Court of Common Pleas at Westminster ob. XX Sept. MDCCCXVIII ( (1818) æt LXXXIII. Arms of Chambre (as supra) Crest, a cock.


(Floor in Beckett Chapel). Sir Alan Chambre Knt. ob. 20 Septr. 1823, Ae. 83.


(W). To m. John Clapham, Son of John and Jane Clapham of Kendal, who d. Novr. 3rd 1831 Aged 11 y. Also to m. John Clapham who d. l. Decr. 27th 1835 aged 42 y. An affectionate Husband, A tender Father And a faithful Friend. And of Jane Clapham, wife of the above named John Clapham who d. 1. Decr. 25th 1839 Aged 50 y. Also Jane youngest da. of the above named who d. March 21st 1847 Aged 14 y. Also Mary Ann Gunn, Da. of the above named John Clapham who d. June 22nd 1853 Aged 29 y.


(E). In m. Jane, wife of Miles Clark who d. April 16th 1829 Aged 64 y. Also of Miles Clark who d. January 14th 1845 Aged 82 y.


(E). S. m. Thomas Clarke of Kendal, printer, who d. May 24th, 1825 Aged 24 y., And of his Infant Child Mary Ann who d. April 23d 1825.


(Formerly N. aisle, now missing). Margaret Clarkewell. (Mr Jennings)


(N. W.). Mary Clemetson who (d). July 23 1836 Aged 48 y.


(Brass plate N wall, E1).Here lieth the Body of Mr. William Cock who d. L. the 7th of October Anon Domini 1724 Aettis suae 63. Here also lieth the Bodies of his Da. Mary Ann & his Son John.


(Brass in N wall, D2). Here also lie the Remains of his Widow Mrs. Hellen Cock, the Da. of the Reverend Mr. John Denton, Stonegrave in Yorkshire and Prebendary of York, who d. L. Jany. 12th 1762 Aged 81.


(In floor W end of Inner North Aisle). Here lie the Remains of Thomas Cock of Red bank in Skelsmergh who d. October 21st 1694 aged 61. And William Cock of Red Bank his Son who d. October 4th 1747 aged 75. William Cock placed this Stone to the Memory of his Grandfather and Uncle in 1787, And was himself here interred the 29th December 1789 aged 81


(Brass plate N wall, D2). Here lth the Body of Mrs. Hannah Cocke late Wife of Mr. William Cocke alderman of K. Kendal who d. the 16th day of Novembr. Anno Dom. 1696 ætatis sue 33, mori mihi lucrum est.


(W). S. m. Margaret Compston, youngest da. of Robert Compston, who d. l. Decr. 9th 1846 aged 30 y.

Stranger who e’er thou art respect this stone
the name it bears may be to thee unknown
as to the world, but it to one was dear
or else it never had been sculptur’d here,
I will not ask thee for her soul to pray,
Pray for thyself & all—& go thy way

Also of Robert Compston, father of the above, d. July 23rd 1848 aged 76.


(On N wall after 1st window). Here lyes the Body of Ralph Cooke late of this Town, who d. 1. the 31st day of August Anon Dom. 1719 & Aetat suae 63. Here also lyes the Body of John his youngest Son day who d. l. the 28th day of April Anon Dom. 1718 &Aett suae 7. Here also lyes the Body of William his third son who d. l. the 10th January Anno Dom. 1722 & Aetat suae 19. (Air. Jennings’ 1861 copy; bur 9 Jan. par. reg).


(N. W). S. m. William Cookson, Union Street, who d. 1. Sepr. 16th 1835 aged 61 y. Ann, Relict of William Cookson d. 1. 3rd April 1861 Aged 79 y. Interred at St. Thomas’s, Kendal, 7th April 1861. Also in m. John Hodgson who d. at Keswick September 19th 1839 Aged 78 y. And of Ann his Wife who d. at Kendal February 9th 1845 in the 88th y. of her age, her end was peace. ” Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.”


(W). James Cooper 1804, Catherine Cooper 1804, Thomas Cooper 1781, Joseph Cooper 1825, Mary Cooper 1828.


(Brass plate N wall, M2). Here lie the Remains of Isabella Copley late of Hawkshead Hall, who d. the 28th day of February 1770 Aged 46 y.


(N). Here lieth interred Mr. Richard Corker who d. October the 21st 1756 aged 49 Y. He was a Man strictly honest, a firm Friend, a noble pattern of Industry and a good Christian. (partly from Mr. Jennings’ copy).


(In S aisle below 1st window) To m. Ann Corney, Widow of Peter Corney of Penrith who d. 1. November 25th 1805 Aged 78 y. This Stone was placed here by desire of her Sister Jane Heysham. Also in m. Jane Heysham, Widow, who d. 1. May 23, 1806 Aged 81 y. Both Daughters of George and Mary Fell of Kirkland.


(W. altar tomb). Thomas Cornthwaite late of this Tosvn, Whitesmith & Iron-founder d. the 17th day of August 1796 Aged 56. The fame of this truly ingenious Mechanic need not be sounded here, he hath raised to himself a more durable Monument in the many useful Inventions by which he hath contributed to the good of Mankind. Also Elizabeth his Wife d. the 7th day of June 1785, in the 41st Y. of her age.


(W). Here lie the Remains of Mr. Thomas Coupland late of Kendal, Maltster, who d. 1. the 5th day of December 1771 aged 57 Y. This monument is erected by his Widow to be a lasting memorial of her esteem and Affection. His Life was one contind. Scene of Industry, application to Business, and the service of his Friends, which rendered him a truly valuable Man. Near also lie the Remains of Agnes his Da. late Wife of Mr. William Wilkinson of K(endal) Hosier who d. the 29th Day of April . . . . in the 27th Y. of her age. She was his Wife 8 Y. — all living to lament the loss of so … a Parent. Also underneath this Stone lie the R(emains) of Elizabeth Coupland, Widow of the Thomas Coupland who d. L. the 7th July, 1798 Aged 71 Y.


(High in corner of N wall ) In m. John Coward who was a Manufacturer of Ferret Silk in Kendal forty y. & supported through life the Character of an upright & honest Man, He d. 31st of December 1798 aged 69. Hannah the Wife of John Coward & Da. of William Burton formerly in the county of York, was a Woman of the strictest Integrity & d/.l. 2nd of May 1799 in the 65th y. of her age. Also near this place were interred three sons viz: The Rev. Joseph Coward M.A. om the Foundation of Queen’s College, Oxford aged 31. Benjamin who had distinguished himself at School in Classical Literature d, in his 18th y., Henry, the youngest son, aged 21, & one Da. Margaret who d. an Infant. Also near this place were interred Hannah Coward who d. Febry. 20th 1825 Aged 64, And William Coward, Surgeon, who d. Janry. 9th 1833 Aged 74.


(In W floor). William Coward 1833.


(In. Bellingham chapel floor). Hic jacet Anna Crackenthorp, Roberti Ridgeway & Jane Ridgeway Filia Quoe Mortem obiit non pertubata 17 mo. Die Januarii Anno Salutis 1770 Aetatis 19. Reverendus Gilbertus Crackenthorp, Scholae Candaliensis Praefectus, In Memoriam Charissimae conjugis, hoc Monumentum Moerens posuit.


(In. Bellingham chapel floor). Here lie the Remains of Elizabeth Wife of Mr. Gilbt. Crackenthorp, Master of the Grammar School in Kendal, Da. of Robt. & Elizabeth Wilson of the Coffee House in Highgate who d. the 2d of January 1774 aged 53.


(In. S. E). Arms (on lozenge) ar. saltire gu. impaling per fess gu. & 3 cinquefoils counterchanged (Swinburne). Here lie the Remains of Isabella Crathorne, Widow of Thomas Crathorne Esquire of Crathorne In the County of York. Though left to deplore the loss Of an affectionate Husband At an age in which time Had scarcely diminished Th’attractions of her person She prefer’d The melancholy pleasure Of bearing his name To every solicitation Which press’d her to a second Union. Those pledges of their love Who lost in infancy A Father’s care, when reason began to dawn Beheld in his faithful Relict A Parent Entitled to redoubled affection. A display of her amiable qualities From one Whom Nature had taught to love And mature reflexion to venerate her Might be Suspected Of fond exaggeration. To prevent This injustice to her memory He is silent with respect to her virtues; And only testifies His sorrows For the loss of so excellent a Mother By his wish That her example May every day become less rare. She d. 7th of april 1789 In the 53d y. of her age. Requiescat in pace. (Mr. Jennings’ copy 1861. bur. 1789 Ap. 21 Isabella C. of Stramongate, papist.)


(In. E). H. S. E. Willielmus Crosby A.M. Dunelmensis Collegii S-S. Trinitatis Cantabrig. ab: anno 1690 Socius, hujus Ecclesiae ab anno 1699 Vicarius obijt Septimo die Decembris Anno Dom. 1733. Aetat. 70 mo.


(W). In m. Susan Crosfield, Da. of Thomas and Susan Crosfield of Stricklandgate, Kendal, who d. Jan. 4. 1802 Aged 28. Also in m. Robert Vipond who d. April 28th 1838 Aged 55. And of Jane Vipond his Wife, Relation to the above named, who d. June 28th 1843 Aged 62. Also of Martha Vipond, Da. of Robert and Jane Vipond who d. June 5th 1849 Aged 27.


(E. flat, formerly altar tomb, with rail). Here lies buried The Revd. Richard Cuthbert A.M. Vicar of Kirkby Kendale: In whose character The christian, the scholar, and the gentleman, rendered each other more illustrious. His zeal was happily tempered with knowledge and moderation. His publick labours and private conduct agreed to demonstrate the integrity of his life. Stranger! suspect not this epitaph of flattery; His praises are more fully inscribed on the hearts of all who knew him. And his Master’s Presence will reward and perfect his virtues, By a more intimate converse with the great exemplar. Ob. Nov. 7. A.D. 1744 Aetat. 48 Cur huj. Par. 11. Here also lieth Dorothy his Da. aged 2, Richard his son aged 6.