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(E). S. m. Mary Abbatt, who d. May 25th, 1833, aged 4 days. Agnes Abbatt, who d. May 31st, 1833, aged 10 days. Edward Abbatt, who d. June 23rd, 1840, aged 3 weeks. Ann Abbatt, who d. June 28th, 1840, aged 6 y. Sarah Abbatt, who d. Sep. 14th, 1841, aged 10 weeks. Ann Abbatt, who d. Dec. 25th, 1842, aged 33 y. Edward Abbatt, who d. Dec. 26th, 1852, aged 55 y.


(N.W). J. A. 1837. A. A. 1837 (i.e. John and Agnes Airey).


(E). Underneath, are deposited the remains of Margaret Airey of Scarrfoot in Skelsmergh, who d. 1. November 4th, 1823, aged 93 y.


(On N wall Parr Chapel). Here lyes John Archer, Esq., Doctor of Physick, and One of His Majestie’s Justices of the Peace for the County of Westmorland, who D. L. on the fourth of December, 1735. He was a worthy Man, a skilfull Physician, an impartial Magistrate, and an Amiable Friend. His mind was Generous, his Temper Sweet, his Understanding Extensive ; in Nature Compassionate, in Virtue Severe, He adorn’d the Reasoning Being with the Dignity of Morality, the True Christian with the Sanctity of Religion. He was a Delight to his Acquaintances, an Honour to his Profession, and a Happiness to his Country. Dear and Desirable is the Memory of Doctor Archer, Cruel and Lamentable is the Loss of him. Every Eye Overflows with Tears, every Breast is fill’d with Sorrow, and every House is become the House of Mourning.


(E. altar tomb, rail). S. M. Richard Armistead of Kirkland, Kendal, who d. L. March 29, 1790, Aged 46; also to his Wife Mary Armistead of Kirkland, Kendal, who d. L. March 13, 1789, Aged 35 also Richard John Armistead, grandson of the above, who d. L. March 11, 1806, Aged three Y and four M.

Sleep on blest Richard in thy urn,
My sighs and tears cannot awake Thee,
I can but wait until my turn,
And then, 0 then, I will o’ertake Thee.


(Brass on S wall near entrance. Not in Bellasis) In m. William Barton Armstrong organist and choirmaster of this church 1869 – 1899. Born 28 May 1822. Died 18 December 1902 His praise shall continuosly be in my mouth Ps 34


(E.altar tomb). To M. Joseph Asbridge of Kendal, Cordwainer, who d. L. March 16th, 1795, aged 48 y.

Farewell, dear Friends, forbear your Tears,
Here must I lie till Christ appears
Then with his Saints I hope to have
A Joyfull rising from the Grave.

Also Mary Asbridge, who d. Dec. 21, 1812, Aged 53.


(E). In m. Thomas Ashburner of Cowenhead, who d. the 21st February, 1778, Aged 73, and Margaret his Wife who d. the 10th January, 1772, Aged 64. Also James their eldest Son, who d. at Liverpool, July the 25th, 1791, Aged 57.


(N.W.) Anthony Askew, d. May 23rd, 1830, aged 68.


(In. Parr chapel floor, once with oak rail on two sides, wood-work now in the way, and shield of arms, &c., invisible). Here lyeth the Body of Willm. Askew, late of Standingstones, in the Parish of Millom, and County of Cumberland, Gent., who d. 1. the 13th of April, in the y. of our Lord 1717, and of his Age the 80th. He marryed Dorothy, the davghter of Willm. Mvsgrave of Crookdake in the said County, Esqr., by whom he had only one svrviving davghter, now the wife of John Archer of Oxen Holme, Esqr. (Mr. Jennings’ copy, 20th October, 1863).


(N.W. altar tomb). Here lie the Remains of Christopher Askew, who d. l. May 8, 1799, Aged 40.


Aged 76 y.


(In. E. Bellingham chapel). Here lie the Remains of George Askew of Kendal, Glazier and Painter, who d. 1. October 2nd, 1789, Aged 40y. The Loss of him is much regretted by his Family, He being a tender Parent, and affectionate Husband and a sincere Friend.


(N. rail). T.A.1811. I. A. 1802. J.A. 1834. E. A. 1842 (i.e.Atkinson)


(N.W). In m. Christopher Atkinson late of Gateside in Howgill, who d. l. XXVII September, MDCCCXXXII, aged LII y. And of Margaret his Wife who d. at Gateside in Howgill on the 17th day of November, 1837, aged 55 y.


(In S aisle small tablet high to right of door. Not recorded in Bellasis.) In m. Frances Agnes Atkinson of Tooting in Surrey who died May 2nd 1815, aged 34.


(E). Here lieth the Body of Elenora, only child of Thomas and Mary Atkinson of Kendal, who d. 1. the 27th day of June, 1795, Aged 3 y and Seven m.

Sweet flower tho’ level’d with the plain,
Yet thou shalt rise to blow again.

Also of Thomas Atkinson, who d. July 14th, 1830, Aged 66. Also of Mary his Wife, who d. December 29th, 1832, Aged 50.


(N). “Here let a monumental stone stand sacred as a shrine” to the dear memory of Elizabeth Atkinson, spinster, b. at Spout, Crosthwaite, baptised March 11th, 1745, “in works of love in these alone restless,” she d. in Whinfield Court, Kendal, February 9th, 1829.


(W). In m. Elizabeth Atkinson, who d. April 24th, 1836, Aged 22 y.


(N). Here Rests the Remains of George Atkinson late of Manchester, Ironmonger, who d. l. the 29th day of February, 1808, Aged 52 y.


(W. altar tomb). In m. the late John Atkinson, M.D., who d. on the sixteenth of March, 1788; also of the late John Wilson, who d. on the 4th of April, 1812.


(N. altar tomb). Near this Place are deposited the Remains of John Atkinson, late of Stricklandgate, Shearman, who d. 28th May, 1783, aged 68; also Mary his wife, who d. 1st April, 1790, aged 77; and Thomas their youngest Son, Ironmaster, who d. at his Brother William’s at Potter Fellside. Their eldest son the Rev. John Atkinson, Rector of Repton in Sussex, d. July 4th, 1784, aged 44. Dorothy, Widow of John Wilson of Strawberry Bank, d. the 28th of April, 1823, aged 73


(W). S. m. Robert Atkinson, late of Kendal, who d. June 12th, 1839, aged 71 y.; also of Ann, his wife, who d. May 17th, 1850, aged 81 y.


(E). Thomas Atkinson, Surgeon, d. March 9th, 1852, aged 43 y.


(In S aisle high right above door.) In m. Thomas Atkinson of Kirkland, who d. 19th November, 1811, aged 73 y.; also of Jane, his widow, who d. 11th October, 1834, aged 91 y.; also of their son, the Revd. John Atkinson, M.A., Fellow of Queen’s College, Oxford, who d. May 25th, 1802, aged 32 y., and of Elizabeth Atkinson their daughter, who d. 17th February, 1842, aged 68 y.


(N.) In m. William Atkinson of Potter Fellside, who d. September 29, 1809, aged 68. Also Mary, his Wife, who d. April 22, 1778, aged 35; and Jane, his second Wife, who d. December 23, 1809, aged 83.