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(N.W.) In. m. John Hodgson late of this town, brewer, who. d. June 25th 1839 aged 64 y. It is remarkable that he was b, married and d. on the same day of the month June 25th in the different y. in which those occurrences took place, also of William Bainbridge, his brother-in-law who d. August 31st 1844 aged 62 y. Also of John Bainbridge brother of the above William Bainbridge who d. October 1st, 1848 aged 74, and also of Mary Hodgson, wife of the above John Hodgson who d. on the 25th day of Septr. 1849 aged 72.


(W.) Here lie the Remains of Isabella Hodgson, Wife of Batty Hodgson, Grocer and Tobacconist, who d. Novr. 14th 1786 aged 28 y. Also of two of their Daus. viz: Agnes and Isabella who d. in their Infancy. Batty Hodgson, late Alderman of Kendal, who d. 17th April 1798 aged 46. And Jonah his Oldest Son, who d. Decr. 2nd 1816 Aged 22 Y. and Jane Hodgson, Widow of the above Batty Hodgson who d. at Crosthwaite, May 5th 1853 Aged 85 y.


(In. N. clerestory window). Given by Rainforth Hodgson. Shield, 4 ly, i, compasses & square brace. 2, 3 boars to sinister. 3, 3 bundles of bristles. 4, combs & scissors. Motto, God is our refuge and strength. (Mr. Rushforth).


(S facing below clock tower) Adjutant Robert Hodgson d. the first day of february one thousand eight hundred and eight aged forty-five y., his zeal and active services are gratefully acknowledged by the officers of the Kendal and Lonsdale volunteers..


(W. altar tomb). Here lieth the Remains of Thomas Hoggarth, late of Kendal, who d. January 9th 1768 Aged 63 y. Also Agnes his Wife who d. January 5th, 1788 Aged 80 y. Also Jane their Da. who d. July 3d 1745 Aged 3 y. Also George their Son who d. in his 19th y. Here also are interred the Remains of John Hoggarth late of Kendal who d. January 18th 1814 Aged 77 y. Also Barbara his Wife who d. April 8th 1815 Aged 67 y. Also Thomas their Son who d. April 27th 1787 Aged 9 y. Also in m. John Swale who d. at Kendal 9th May 1812 Aged 42 y, much regretted. Ann Swale the beloved Wife of the above d. at Langcliffe Hall Feby. 9th 1859 and is buried at Settle.


(E.) S. m. Anna, widow of the late Lawrence Parker Holden who d. 1. September 20th 1836 aged 71 y. ‘The memory of the just is blessed.”


(W.) In m. Isabella eldest da. of William and Emma Holiday who d. August 10th 1847 aged 27 y.


(Brass plate N wall, T1). Quisquis es, Viator, siste gradum, Spe beatae Resurrectionis ad Vitam æternam Hic Quod mortale fuit requieseit Maria Holme nuper Hugonis Holme, Gen: Uxoris, Edwardi Blackstock de Kirkby in Kendal Filiae natus secundua; Quae quarto die Decembris obijt, Anno Salutis humanae 1741 Aetat 39. Juxta obdormiunt tres Infantuli iisdem Hugoni et Maria nati, Joannes Elizabetha et Edwardus Blackstock, E Filiabus uni Deboree Fata pepercere superstiti. Vis ultra, Memento mori..


(In. W. brass floor). Here lieth the hody of Mr. Thos. Holmes (sic) late Alderman of Kendal, who d. L. the ad of November 1723 in the 51st y. of his age. Here also lie the Bodies of his children James, Elizabeth, Joseph, & Henry. Mrs. Margaret Holme, Widow of the said Alderman Holme d. L. the 18th of November 1753 Aged 74.


(In. W. brass floor). Here lieth the body of Mr. John Holme, late Mayor of Kendal, who d. l. (in his Mayorality sic) the 28th of June 1737 Aged 34 Y. Here also lieth the Body of his Son Thomas who d. the 19th day of September 1736 Aged 8 M.


(On N wall near vestry door) In M. Thomas Holme Esquire, Senior Alderman of this Burgh, And one of his Majesty’s Justices of ye Peace for the County of Westmorland Who d. 14th March 1782: Aged 71. Also of Elizabeth his Wife, Da.of Jacob Morland of Capplethwaite Esquire; Who d. 12 April 1783, Aged 70, also Two of their Children, Margaret, who d. an Mar. 1741 An Infant and Mary, who d. 16 Octr. 1753, Aged 10. (Arms, per pale, argent 2 bends sable, on a canton of the last a chaplet of roses or. sinister, sable a griffin rampant or. Crest missing).


(W.) Erected to M. William Holme jun. Who d. in the 26th Y. of his Age 1799, also In M. his two Brothers & a Sister. We have good Hope they are inheriting Bliss, in which happy State God grant we may all be found for Jesus’ Sake, who is the Dear object of our Faith. The Remaining parent, Mother of the above who d. in Faith has left on Record that Ages to come may Read, praise & Magnify the Goodness & pitty of the Lord, who d. April 30, 1807 Aged 69. William Holme the Husband, & Parent of the above d. 8 June 1824 Aged 86..


(W). In m. Christopher Holmes who d. February 23d 1826 Aged 64


(Under coal opening near porch). Edward Holmes late of (H)ighgate Who d. L. September 21, 1720 and of his age . . . Here also Lyeth ye Body of Margaret his Wife who d. L. ye . . Ap. 1721 in ye . . – y. of her Age. She was his Wife 54 y (Mr. Jennings). (Edward Holme of Stramongate bur. 23 Sept. 1720. After entries to 30 Mar. 1721 comes, without date. ” . . . Holme of Stramongate, widow.” (per Mr. Rushforth).


(In. clerestory window S). Presented to this Church by Henry Horne 1851. (Shield with monogram). H. B. H. (Mr. Rushforth).


(W). In m. John Howard, of Natland, who d. July 2nd 1823 Aged 46 y. his Widow caused this stone to be erected.


(On N wall near vestry entrance)In m. Zachary Hubbersty of Fallen Yew in Underbarrow, Attorney at Law, who d. March 13, 1780 Aged 54 y. also of Phillis Hubbersty da. of John Lodge of Barnard Castle in the County of Durham, she d. November 12, 1781 aged 61 y..


(On W wall Bellingham chapel). Design by I. Flaxman, R.A ., i.e., a mother & 6 children weeping over a tomb.) S. m. Zachary Hubbersty of Great Winchester Street, London, Esquire, who d. on the 23rd September 1797, in the 41st y. of his age, leaving a disconsolate widow and six children. Few equalled and none excelled him in professional knowledge, and strict integrity ; and of whom the learned and virtuous Lord Eldon in a letter of condolence to the deceased’s brother observed, “His loss is not more to be lamented by his family than by the profession, of which be was an ornament, and an honour.” Also of Phillis Sarah Hubbersty his second da. who in the following y. lost her life by falling into the sea from the pier in Whitby harbour. This monument is erected by John Lodge Hubbersty, Esqre. Senior Fellow of Queen’s College, Deputy High Steward of the University of Cambridge, and Recorder of Lancaster, who has never ceased to lament the loss of the best of brothers and friends.


(N. E. altar tomb). In m. Jane, Wife of David Huddlestone late of this Town, Banker, who d. 18th June 1815 aged 44 y., And of Agnes their Sixth Da. who d. 24th May 1813 in the eighth y. of her age. Also of Margaret their Seventh Da. who d. 6th Octr. 1820 aged 12 y. David Huddlestone, Late of Elterwater Hall d. 27th October 1831 Aged 65 y. David his Eldest Son d. 31St March 1823 Aged 22 y. Also of John his Son, who d .at Elterwater Hall 22nd June 1841 Aged 38 y. Sarah his Da. d. 23rd May 1850, aged 58 y. John, Son of the above John Hoddlestone d. at Kendal 10th Novr. 1857 Aged 26 y. David, Son of the above John Huddlestone d. at Kendal 18th Novr. 1863 Aged 35 y.


(On S wall Parr Chapl) To m. the Revd. John Hudson M.A. Vicar of this parish for 28 y. and late Fellow and Tutor of Trinity College, Cambridge; who d. October 31st 1843 aged 70 y. He was esteemed for his sincere affection, his sound judgment and sterling talent. His merits as tutor were acknowledged by a memorial gift from his grateful pupils. How he approved himself as vicar is attested by this monument, erected by affectionate members of his flock..


(E). T. Hudson 1811. R. Hudson 1812. Mary Hudson 1841.


(In. S. aisle, E. floor) . In m. William Culliford Hudson, d. January 16th 1829 Aged 5 y. and 8 m. Also of The Revd. John Hudson M.A. Vicar of this Parish, who d. the 31st day of October 1843 Aged 70 y.


(E. 2 altar tombs, rail). [1]. In m. Benjamin Hunter, Wine Merchant, who d. Feb. 2, 1804 aged 51, also of Elizabeth, his Wife, Da. of John Dickinson, of Low Barrows Green, who d. Feb. 4, 1788 aged 25, & of Alice, his second Wife, Da. of the Rev. Isaac Knipe M.A. of Ambleside. who d. Dec. 27, 1802 aged 35, & of Catherine his Da. who d. June 4, 1799 aged 4 M.
[2]. Thomas Hunter late of Kendal, Hosier, d. February 12th 1784 aged 64Y., And Catherine his Da. d. July 15th 1766 aged 9 Y., Also Catherine his Wife d. L. May 18th 1787 aged 73.
Thomas Hunter, hosier, son of Thomas & Catherine Hunter d. June 10th 1811, aged 56. Jane Hunter d. September 16th, 1829 Aged 73.


(Formerly E. on blue stone that fell to pieces; A fragment now lost, with Hurd thereon was placed in Bellingham chapel by Alderman Fisher.) In m. Thomas Hurd, Late of Kendal, Alderman and Wine Merchant who d. August 9, 1808 aged 47. Also of Bridget His Da. who d. an Infant. (Mr. Jennings)..