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(Brass plate N wall, K2). Near this place lieth the remains of Obadiah Hadrington late of Kendal, shopkeeper, who d. L. August 15 1773 in the 56th y. of his age. Near this place also lieth the remains of Mary Hadrington [formerly wife of Anthony Jennings. Printer, and afterwards wife of the above Obadiah Hadrington] who d. L. Sept. 15th 1776 in the 60th y. of her Age.


(E). S. m. Elizabeth Halhead, Wife of James Halhead of Stonebank Green; who d. March 29th 1805 Aged 26 y., Also of Martha Halhead, Second Wife of James Halhead who d. May 31st 1815 Aged 48 Y., Also of James Halhead of Stonebank green who d. January 1st 1821 Aged 50 y. Also Ann, Widow of the above James Halhead who d. l. Feby. 14th 1839 Aged 63. And in m. James Halhead their Son who d. L. November 30th 1854 Aged 52 Y.


(W. flat tomb, rail). S. m. James Halhead, Cabinet maker & Upholsterer of this Town who departed this Life Janry. 10th 1832 Aged 35 Years. Also of John Halhead, Son of the above who died June 10th 1844 Aged 25 Years. His affectionate Widow caused this Stone to be erected.


(Choir window E). i. h. s. (on scrolls) (1) I believe in God and in Jesus Christ. (2) Who was conceived by the Holy Ghost. Suffered under Pontius Pilate. (3) He descended into Hell, rose again, sit- teth on the right hand of God (4) From whence He shall come to judge, I believe in the Holy Ghost, the Holy Catholic Church (5) the Communion of Saints, The forgiveness of Sins. (6) The Resurrection of the Body And the life everlasting. (Figures) S. Luke Evanst. St. Matthew Evanst., St. John Evanst. St. Mark Evanst. This Window is offered in Pious remembrance of John Halhead of Kendal who d. on the 6th day of July In the Y. of our Lord 1830, by His Son Hilton Halhead, Merchant of Liverpool. Mr. A. 0 Connor A.D. 1855


(E. becoming illegible; partly redeciphered 1876, & partly from Mr. Jennings’ 1861 copy). Here lieth the Body of Joseph Hall M.A. Sometime fellow of Queen’s College, Oxon, And late Rector of Weyhill, Hants, Who By the help of good natural Talents And a constant Application to Literature Acquired to a masterly Perfection the Knowledge Of Various Languages Antient & Modern, Of Philosophy thro’ all its Branches, of Divinity his principal profession. Such uncommon Acquirements, With an open & ingenious temper And the firmest integrity of Heart, Rendered Him a most faithful and valuable Friend, An useful and ornamental Member of Society, An excellent College Tutor, An accomplished and respected Parish Minister. He d. 1. in Kendall July 13th 1756 On a piously intended visit to his aged Parent, Mr. Nicholas Hall of Lazonby in Cumberland Who caused this Monument to be erected in Memory of So deserving & so dutiful a Son. (compare N. & B. I).


(E) … She was Da. of George and Marian Hanson of Gillthrotin in Strickland Ketel. (Mr. Jennings).


(Bellingham chapel, floor). H. Hancock, d. 10th February 1799, Aged 71.


(E. one stone illegible, on end, flat tomb, rail). S. m. Anthony Harrison late of this town, shearman-dyer who d. 1. 25th January 1806 aged 48 y., also of Anthony his son who d. 8th April 1822 aged 19 y. also of Ann, wife of the former, and mother of the latter who d. the 10th of March 1841 aged 77 y., & to m. their second son Thomas Harrison of Lowther Street, tobacconist, who d. l. 20th February 1841 aged 48 y., also of Rowlandson Harrison of Highgate, their third son, who d. 10th July 1844 aged 49 y. also in m. Ann Harrison d. Decr. 14th 1853 aged 56 y., and of John Harrison d. August 20th 1854 aged 64 y., also of Arabella Harrison who d. March 17th 1858 aged 58 y., and whose remains are interred in the Castle Street Cemetery.


(S. altar tomb, rail). Betsy the Wife of Daniel Harrison, d. July 3rd 1829 Aged 57 y. Thomas Cartmell Harrison, their only Son, Student of Caius College, Cambridge, d. at Paris 17th Feby. 1832 in the 23rd y. of his Age & was interred there in the Cemetery of Pere la Chaise, Mary Ann their Da. d. 29th June 1834 Aged 17 y. Elizth. Ann Harrison their grand-Da., d. 17th Decr. 1835 Aged 2 y. Mary Harrison their grand-Da. d. 22nd May 1836 Aged 11 m. Thomas Harrison their grand-son who d. 23rd of March 1843 Aged 7 m. The above named Daniel Harrison d. 19th Novr. 1851 Aged 76 y.


(S). Frances Harrison, Mortalis Esse desit Anno salutis MDCCCIII.


(N). George Harrison d. 6th October 1782 Aged 81 Y. Mary his Widow, d. 24th April 1789 Aged 84. . . . Jackson Harrison Esqr. d. 17th October 1804 Aged 63, Mrs. Jane Harrison his widow d. 21St January 1820 Aged 66.


(In. N). S. m. Jackson Harrison Esqr. one of the Senior Aldermen of this Burgh of Kendal, who d. on the 17th of October 1804 Aged 63 y., also of his Widow Mrs. Jane Harrison Da. of the late James Dowker Esq. who d. on the 21st of January 1820 Aged 66 y.


(E). Here lieth Myles Harrison of Lincolns Inn Esqr. Recorder of Kendal, who d. February the 16th A.D. 1797 aged Eighty Two. Frances Harrison his Wife who d. January the 17th A.D. 1783, and Sarah Harrison their Da. who d. January the 15th A.D. 1775 are also here interred. Also Elizabeth Harrison their Youngest Da. who d. March 20th 1833 aged 84. (He played the violin and had but one eye. E. B.)


(E). T. Harrison 1869, W. Harrison 1814.


(E). In m. Thomas Harrison who d. February 23rd 1846 aged 71 y. Alice Harrison his wife who d. November 2nd 1854 aged 81 y. Richard Harrison their son who d. April 30th 822 aged 16 y.


(E). To m. Robert Harrison of Highgate, Kendal, who d. l. 4th October 1827, Aged 88 y. Also of Ann Harrison, his Wife, who d. 12th November 1818 Aged 80 Y. Also of Thomas Harrison, Son of the above who d. 27th December 1791, Aged 26 Y. Also of Robert and Agnes other Children of the above who d. in Infancy. (Mr. Jennings).


(Brass on N wall in Bellingham Chapel, not in Bellarsis.) In memory of Margaret and John Haydn who died A.D.MDCCC… and Sarah who died MDCCC…. the little children of Thomas Scarisbrick Organist of the Church r Mary his wife “Blessed are the dead which are in the Lord”


(W. flat tomb, rail). In m. Bryan George Hayton, who d. March 19th 1814, aged 4 y., also of Margaret Hayton who d. Feby. 23rd 1816 and of Margt. Ellen Hayton who d. July 7th 1817 sisters to the above, both of whom d. in infancy, also of Hannah Hayton, sister to the above who d. Octr. 30th 1834 aged 24 y. & of William Henry, Brother of the above who d. in Trinidad WI. on the 5th of Octr. 1839 Aged 27 y. In m. Bryan Hayton who d. 24 March 1851 aged 64 y., also in m. Thomas Bryan Hayton, son of the above who d. abroad October 2nd 1855 aged 41 y.


(E). Beneath this stone lie the Remains of John, son of Thomas & Mary Hayton who d. December 28, 1797 Aged 13, Also Thomas his Brother late of this Town, Draper, who d. January 27, 1809 Aged 21.

Our time is short, the longer is our rest
God call’d us hence, because he thought it best.

Also in m. Mary Hayton, wife of Thomas Hayton of Kendal, who d. August 18, 1819 aged 65 y. Also Thomas Hayton who d. May 30, 1822, Aged 70 y.


(W). Rev. T. Hervey 1806. Selina Hervey d. Novr. 2nd 1844.


(E). This Stone was erected as a Tribute of respect. In m. Richard Hewat, of Bassendean, Berwickshire & late of Lawrence House near Levens who d. May 28th 1827 In his 48th y. (See Kendal Chronicle 26 Jan. 1828).


(Standing memorial in the grass E of church.) This monument is erected to m. Robert Hind late of Kendal, auctioneer; by the assiduous discharge of the duties of his business & by his strict attention to the interests of his employers he gained the confidence of his friends; his public spirit & independence of mind were known to all ; he was so severely wounded by the sudden explosion of a cannon that he survived the accident only two days, & prematurely d. reconciled to his fate (depending upon the mercy of his creator) in the fifty-third y. of his age on the sixth day of July MDCCCXX
Mr Robert Hind was a prominent freemason, and this monument was erected by “the brethren”. Over the inscription is the representation of an open bible, on which rests a square and compasses in the third degree, surmounted by the letter “G” in the keystone of an arch.