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(In. clerestory window S). Erected by Gerard Gandy in m. his brother John Sandy, Ensign, St. Helena Regiment, who d. in St Helena Feb. 1849. (Mr. Rushforth).


(E. 3 stones, rail). [1.] In m. Thomas Gandy who d. June 22nd 1801 aged 66 y., also of Jane his wife who 3 March 13th 1775 aged 42 y., also of Elizabeth his second wife, who d January 2nd 1799 aged 55 y. also of Thomas, son of Thomas and Jane Gandy, who d. February 1st 1850 aged 83 y. [2]. In m. Henry Gandy fourth son of John and Magdalen Agnes Gandy, b. January 20 1827. d. February 13, 1833, also of William Gandy, fifth son of the above, b. Sep. 22 1830, d. Sep. 22, 1830 and also of Mary Salisbury Gandy, eldest da. of Gerard and Elizabeth Ann Gandy, b. July 31, 1850 d. Sep. 14, 1850. [3.] In m. James Gandy who d. February 7th 1837 aged 77 y, also of Jane his wife who d. July 24th 1790 aged 31 y., also of Ann his second wife who d. October 18th 1834 aged 71 y.


(In. W. window). Memorial to James Gandy, an only Son, who d. at Heaves Lodge Dec. 26, 1842 aged 21 y. Erected by his Parents.


(W). In m. Dorothy the wife of Joseph Garnett of Kendal who d. July 10th 1832 aged 38 y.


(W). In m. Anne, second wife of Joseph Garnett Who d. September 23d 1836 aged 31 y.


(In. clerestory window S). The humble Offering of Anthony Garnett. Arms. gu. lion rampant ar. ducally crowned, within border engrailed or. (Mr. Rushforth).


(W). In m. Joseph Garnett 45 y. Clerk of this Parish who d. the 14th January 1827 Aged 78. Also of Dorothy his Wife who d. the 5th October 1824 Aged 78.


(E). S. m. William Garnett who d. February 13th 1833 aged 56 y. Also of Isabella his Widow who d. August 2nd 1840 Aged 52 y.


(N. E.) In in. John Gaskarth late of this town, manufacturer, who d. May 21st 1838 aged 68 y., and Mary his wife who d. 1. July 6th 1813 aged 43, also Mary their da. who d. 31st Octr. 1832 in the 20th y. of her age. Mary his sister d. 1. April 14th 1836 aged 64 y., also of John their son (late of Matson’s) who d. September 3rd 1852 aged 42 y.


(E). In m. Thomas Gawith of this town, whitesmith who d. November 16th 1846 aged 38 y. Boast not thyself of to-morrow for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth. Also of Mary Ann his da. who d. September 1st, 1839 aged 3 y. Also of Elizabeth his da. who d. August 23rd 1846 aged 10 mo. Also of Susannah his da. who d. December 31st 1851 aged 7 y. and 11 m. (per Mr. Jennings)
Mr. Gawith. cousin of Mr. Samuel G. of Lowther St. was on an excursion to Shap 8 Nov. 1846 on a railway engine, the “Medusa” which came into collision at Birklands with another engine called the “Trio,” whereby he fell head fore-most against the fire-hole of the engine, which, severely burning him, caused his death 8 days later. (Mr. Jennings).
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(S. W. window, N. aisle, representing Faith, Hope, & Charity). The greatest of these is Charity. Dedicated to m. William and Elizabeth Gelderd by George Atkinson Gelderd. (Mr. Jennings).


(W. flat tomb, rail). S. m. William Gelderd Esq. of Aikrigg End, near Kendal who d. August 28th 1550 Aged 79 y.


(Brass plate N wall, A1). Here lies the Body of Mr. John Gibson, late of Liverpool, who d. the 10th day of December 1728 in the 26th y. of his age. He married Agnes Da. of Mr. George Wilson of Kendal by whom he had Issue one Da. called.Mary; who d. the 23d day of March 1733 in the 7th y. of her age, and lies interred in the same Grave.


(E). In m. Mary, da of George and Jane Gibson of this town, who d. April 21st, 1822 Aged 7 y. and 10 m.

Mourn not for me my parents dear,
I am not dead but sleeping here,
My glass is run, my grave you see,
Prepare for death and follow me.


(E). In m. Christopher Godmond late of Kirkland, Kendal, Shearman; who d. 20th day of April 1819 Aged 81. Also of Ann Godmond, his Sister, who d. 21th day of November 1830 Aged 89.


(In. clerestory window S). The Gift of Thomas Gough and Samuel Whinerey (2 shields) 1, gu. a caduceus. Motto, Medicinae Literis. 2. az. cross or between 4 saltires &c. Motto, Spes nostra Deus. (Mr. Rushforth).


(E). In m. John Gough who d. July 28th 1825 aged 68 y. Harrison Gough d. June 8th 1814 aged 5 y. Dorothy Gough d. October 24th 1821 aged 5 y., Elizabeth Gough d. March 6th 1836 aged 22 y. Susannah Gough d. March 29th 1847 aged 45 y. (John G. called by Dr. Kitto and others the blind philosopher. Mr. Jennings).


(N. W). In m. Mary Agnes Gough who d. 1. on the 25th of January 1831 Aged 61. Also of Sarah Gough who d. on the 26th of August 1832 Aged 22.


(N. W). S. m. Isabella the beloved wife of Thomas Gould who d. l. on the 27th of March 1848 aged 40 y., also Margaret Ann Gould da. to the above who d. 1. on the 10th of May 1840 aged 2 y.


(S). D. 18th February 1841 Effingham Howard Grant aged 65, also 26th May 1843 Jane Grant his wife aged 66, also 29th October 1844 Thomas Grant their son aged 34.


(S). In m. Robert Grant, youngest son of E. H. Grant and Jane his wife who d. 8th April 1847 aged 23 y.


(In Brass on W wall near vestry entrance) In l. m. Thomas Green M.B. Lond. who d. April 26, 1876 aged 54 y. and was interred at Grasmere, blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. (Mr. Jennings).


(In. N. W. floor). S. M. an amiable Youth who was interred under this Stone Jan. 30th 1784 aged 19 (bur. Wm. Griffin of par. of St. Olave, London, d. at Kendal, Par. reg. per Mr. Rushforth).


(E). S. m. John Grisdale who d. 25th Decr. 1822 Aged 57. Also of his children viz Jane who d. Octr. 7th 1802 Aged 12 Mos. Jonathan who d. Jany. 3d 1803 Aged 9 y. John who d. Feby. 28th 1811 Aged 3 y. Alice who d. May 3d 1814 Aged 12 Mos, William his eldest Son who d. November 13th 1829 Aged 23 yr. And of Elizabeth his Widow who d. June 13th 1830 Aged 51 y.


(N. E. altar tomb). In m. Joseph Gunson late of Kendal, tanner, oldest son of the late John Gunson of Ulpha in the County of Cumberland who d. 1. on the 18th day of April 1837 aged 44 y. & of Frances, da. of the above Joseph Gunson who d. on the 1st day of March 1832 aged 1 y. & 10 m., also Mary his infant da. who d. on the 27th day of March 1837 aged seven m., & of Mary his wife, who d. the 10th day of November 1838 aged 37 y., also Roger William, only son of Joseph and Mary Gunson, who d. on the 16th day of May 1849 aged 22 y.


(E. 2 altar tombs, rail). [1] William Gurnal Esq: Senior Alderman of Kendal, d. l. the XXIV day of September MDCCXCIV aged LXXX y. Agnes his wife d. L. the XXI day of September MDCCLXXXIV Aged LXVII y. [2] William Gurnal, Ironmonger, d. l. the VII day of June MDCCLXXXII aged XXXI y. Betty Gurnal his Sister d. L the XXII day of April MDCCXCII Aged XLIII y. And Ann Gurnal their Sister d. L. the VIII day of May MDCCCXXIX Aged LXXII y.


(E). In m. John Guy late of Garths, Hutton le Hay, who d. September 17, 1790 Aged 32, also of Mary his da. who d. October 27, 1794 Aged 4, and of Isabella Guy his Mother who d. August 2, 1809 Aged 78. Also of Mary Huddlestone who d. June 12, 1838 Aged 77 yr. also Thomas Burra formerly of Watters near Shap who d. September 1st 1838 aged 53 y. also Margaret his wife who d. May 11th 1854, aged 64 y.


(Brass plate N wall, C2). (Formerly on 4th pillar, 2nd aisle S. Mr. Nicholson’s Annals). To The Memory Of The Most Religious, & Orthodox Christian, The most Loyal Subject, & most ancient & Serviceable Member of this Corporation, whereof He was once Alderman, and thrice Mayor: William Guy of Water-Crook Gentleman, who dyed the twenty-fifth day of December In the Year of Our Lord MDCLXXXIII (1683) His Age LXXXVI

Had Loyalty been Life, Brave Guy, thou’d’st Than
Stood Kendall’s Everlasting Alderman,
Nay, could the joynte united force of All
That’s good or vert’ous over death prevaile
Thy life’s pure thre’d noe Time or Fate could sever
And thou’dst still Liv’d to pray, King live for Ever
But thou art gone; A proof such Vertue is
Too Good for Earth, And onely fit for Bliss,
And blissful Seats ; Where, if bless’d Spirits doe
Concern themselves with any thing below
Thy pray’r’s the same, Thou still do’st Supplicate
For Charles his Life, For England’s Church, & State,
Whil’st to Thy just Eternal Memory,
Envy & Malice must in this Agree,
None better Lov’d, or Serv’d, his Prince than Thee.