Suggested Interest:     On tombstones praise is vainly spent


(E). S. m. Mary Machell late of Kendal who d. February 6th 1838 aged 75 y., also of John Airey, who d. February toth 1838 aged 81 y., & of Jane his wife who d. July 8th 1852 aged 75 y., also of Ann, wife of Mr. James Airey of Liverpool who d. May 12th 1853 aged 32 y. also of James Airey, husband of the above who d January 8th 1854 aged 31 y.


(E). Here Lieth the Body of Henry Mackreth of Stavely who d. June (x)x . . . Aged 87 Likewise Ann Grand-da. of ye Aforesaid and Da. of Arthur Mackreth of Stavely who d. Sepr. ye 16, 1749 Aged 13. And Elizabeth his Wife who d. ye 7th day of May 1752 aged 81. (partly from Mr. Jennings).


(Brass plate N wall, N1). Here lyeth the Body of Brian Mackreth late parish-clerk of this church who d. l. the 14th of July 1712 and in the 66th y. of his age. (cross bones in saltire).


(W. brass). . . . Here also Allice his Wife who d. the 21st Day of November 1739 aged 84. Under this Stone likewise lie the Remains of Margaret Mackreth, late Wife of William Mackreth, Son of the above Bryan & Allice Mackreth (Alderman) of this Town; She d. the 12th Day of March 1744 aged 44. They all lived and died Sincere Christians. Here also lie three Sons of the (above Alderman) Wil. and Margt. Mackreth, who d. young. (Parts in brackets per Mr. J ennings).


(E). Near this place are deposited the Remains of Mr. Edward Mackreth of Kendal who d. U. the 22 Day of May 1762 in the 74th Y. of his Age. Here also lie the Remains of Mary, the Wife of the aforesaid Edward Mackreth who d. l. the 26th Day of September 1781 aged 91 Y. Also Ann Mackreth Da. of the said Edward and Mary Mackreth who d. L. the 3d Day of April 1788 aged 68.


(N. W) This Stone is placed to M. Thomas Mackreth, Forty Y. Master of the Hospital & Charity School in this Town, In the duties of which important Trust, his abilities did him great Honour, & will be long & respectfully remembered by his Pupils. He d. 9th Jan. 1787 aged 60. Also In M. Isabella, his Wife who d. November 8, 1804, Aged 68.


(N. W). To m. William Maskew who d. 1. November 11th 1814, aged 72 y. also of Isabella his wife, who d. March 8th 1808 aged 54 y. & Isabella their da. who d. March 16th 1824 aged 34 y.


(E). In m. Jane the beloved wife of Joseph Mason who d. on the 10th Feby. 1854 in the 29th y. of her age


(E. altar tomb). To m. Joseph Masterson, surgeon, who d. August 29th 1790 Aged 42. Also of Isabella his Widow who d. October 20th 1842 Aged 88 Y. Edward Pennington who d. July 3d 1794 aged 71. Here also lie the Remains of Ellinor his Wife, who d. l. the 4th day of Febry. 1802 aged 71.


(In. Parr chapel, where Matsons are interred, on blue flag before the 1850-2 restoration). Margaret Matson 1773 aged 85. (Mr. Jennings).


(In S aisle right of door.) Near this Place are deposited the Remains of William Matson of Titup; in the County of Lancaster Esqr. who d. L. the 14th day of February 1764 aged 45. Also the Remains of Ann, his wife the end Da. of Jacob Morland of Capplethwaite Esqr.; who d. the 28th Day of July 1791 aged 83. Arms, or, cross patté sa. within gold border, impaling sa. griffin segreant wings displayed or.


(N. wall). In m. Jane Matthews who d. Decr. 1st 1835 aged 77. She was for 56 y. a faithful servant in the family of the Yeates’s of Kirkland; for honest worth she had few equals.


(S). Joseph Maud (sic) b. September 10th 1739, d. May 16th 1803.


(S). To m. Joseph Maude, of Kendal, whose earthly remains were deposited near this place, he d. May XVI, 1803 aged 63.


(on W wall between S & IS aisles.) Near this place are deposited in hope of a blessed resurrection the earthly remains of Joseph Maude, of Kendal esquire, formerly of the County of Durham who d. 16th May 1803 aged 62, also those of Sarah, his wife, youngest da. of Thomas & Elizabeth Holme, she d. 8th March 1831 aged 88. Their offspring nine sons, and three daus. survive both parents. Arms, ar. 3 bars gemel sa., over all lion rampant (gu.) thereon cross crosslet fitchee, impaling or. 3 bars az., on canton a wreath. Motto De Monte Alto.


(Floor. Parr chapel). Sarah Maude d. March 8, 1831 AR 89. (Mr. Jennings.)


(W). In m. William McLeod, late of Kendal, who d. 20th May 1827 aged 67 also of Sarah his wife, who d. l. 21st March 1836 aged 79 y.


(N. W.) S. m. Margaret, only da. of John and Anne Meldrum, who d. March 31st 1834 aged 23, here also lie the remains of John Meldrum Junr. who d. 30th of September 1837 aged 24 y., this is inscribed to his memory as a worthy friend and brother, a kind and affectionate son.

Farewell! thou hadst a mind endued
With feeling, genius, gratitude;
We hope when life’s vain dream is o’er,
To meet again, to part no more.
and also, at Natchez, North America, on the 28th Octr. 1839 of yellow fever, William, their third son, aged 25 y.
Far, far from parents, friends, in one short hour,
He yielded life to death’s remorseless power.
Also in m. Richard Meldrum who d. Feby. 10th 1845 aged 25 y.
Beloved by all, death call’d thee soon away,
Life’s ills to change for Heaven’s eternal day.
also of John Meldrum, father of the above, who d. Feby. 22nd 1847 aged 65 y.. also of Ann Meldrum, mother of the above, who d. Decr. 9th 1848 aged 73 also of Joseph Meldrum, son of the above who d. the 8th September 1854. aged 37 y.


(W). In m. Joseph Miller who d. Sepr 11th 1825 Aged 75 Y. Margaret the Wife of Joseph Miller, She d. April 4th 1820 Aged 75 Y. Also Mary their Da. d. the 3rd Day of April 1813 Aged 27 Y.

On tombstones praise is vainly spent,
Good works are our best monument,
When join’d with faith they reach to heav’n,
Where everlasting life is given.


(W). S. m. William Miller, Late of Bonning Yeat in Westmoreland, who d. January 20th 1829 aged 60 y.

Weep not for me, my glass is run,
The Lord’s will, it will be done.

(Mr. Jennings).


(In floor W end of Inner North Aisle). In m John Miller late Alderman of this Town, who d. April 24th 1778 aged 83 Y. Also of Margaret his Wife who d. 29 Day of March 1763 aged 54 Y.


(W). In m. John Millers, who d. September 19th 1828 aged 70 y. and of Isabella his wife, who d. April 9th 1815 aged 52 y. also of Isabella Kinley their grand-da. who d. April 22nd, 1843 aged 4 y. and 5 m. and of Isabella Millers, their grand-da. who d. May 16th 1847 aged 8 y.


S. m. Samuel Milton, late of Highgate, linen merchant, he d. on the 21st day of March 1803 aged 73 y. Also of Ann his wife da. of Mr. George Waller of Kirkland, late Town Clerk of this Burgh. She d. the 8th day of April, 1799 aged 77 y. Lucy the youngest da. of Samuel and Ann Milton, d. September 10th 1766 aged 15 y. (Mr.Jennings’ copy, 1861).
This black marble monument on freestone base, and a white marble slab let into the centre, was protected by iron palisades, and stood at the F. of the church against the outer gable of the Bellingham Chapel. Part of the base and all the rails were removed in 1850-2, and, on the gable being rebuilt in 1869, the monument fell to pieces. (Mr. Jennings).


(W). Here lies the Body of William Mitchel, Son of John Mitchel, Shearman, in Stricklandgate, Kendal, who D. l the 17th Day of April in the y. 1792, aged 41.


(On S wall mid way along). S. m. Anne, Wife of Lieutenant T. W. Moffett of the Royal Navy, and da. of Mr. Henry Bradshaw, formerly an Alderman of this Burgh. She d. at High House in Crook, the 22nd day of March 1828 Aged 32 y. Her affectionate Husband, who deeply deplores his loss, Erected this as a token of respect to her beloved Memory.


(N.W). In m. Bridget the beloved wife of Sylvester Mooney, who d. on the 7th of June 1851 in the 52nd y. of her age, also of Frederick, son of the above, who d. at Manchester, August 10th 1828 aged 3 y. May they rest in peace.


(In. floor N. W). In M. Mr. Simon Moore, Mercer, who d. L. September 9th 1750 aged 52. Also of Elizabeth his Wife, Da. of Mr. Joseph Symson, Alderman, who d. December 8th 1767 aged 68. Also of Thomas their Son who d. an Infant. (Mr. Jennings).
Symon son of Thos. M. of Stricklandgate, Quaker, bapt. 1 May, 1699. A broken slab at Fell-side Sepulchre, records Dorothy da. of Thos. M. mercer, who d. 14 Sept. 1707 æt. 16. (Mr.Jennings).


(N). S. m. Peter Morris, Sexton of this church who d. January 15th 1850 Aged 68. Also of Robertha, wife of the above, who d. at Manchester on the 2nd day of October 1861, aged 78 y. and was interred at Hulme Parish Church.


(E). Jacob Moser.


(High on N wall). To m. the Reverend Matthew Murfitt A.M. Vicar of Kendal and formerly Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, who d. Novr. 7, 1814 Aged 50 Y. He was a pious, learned and eloquent Divine: A sincere friend, a kind husband, and in every relation of Life a most worthy man.


(S.) In m. Mrs. Dorothy Murphy of Kendal who d. December 27th 1812 Aged 74.


(W.) A. M. (H.) This is the burial place of Alexander Murray junr.
by an affectionate son as the last token of love for his dear parents.MUSGRAVE.
(E.) In m. Agnes the wife of Thomas Musgrave of Castle Mills, Kendal, who d. May 14th 1847 aged 62 y., also of Philip their son who d. May 21st 1845 aged 27 y., also of Thomas Musgrave who d. February 9th 1869 aged 86 y. & was interred at the Kendal cemetery.