Our two days this year represented a complete change from other years – we decided it would be appropriate to mark the 60th anniversary of the Coronation by developing a Coronation theme which we hoped would be instructive and fun for the children.
The activities were designed to reflect one of the key points we selected – Anointing, Service, Praise, Promises, Celebration – and were all brought together in a longer than usual finale during which we processed, crowned a queen (or two on the KS2 day), sang the National Anthem, waved flags and wore crowns and robes. As always, the Activity Leaders had gone to great trouble in planning and preparing their activities – and everyone, particularly the Pilgrim Guides, rose to the occasion with the suggestion of patriotic items of clothing.

Robert Talbot played some wonderfully rousing Coronation music, the sun shone and we all picnicked outside at lunchtime. Stephen Lockwood was a huge help with the new sound system, but also transformed the occasion with a special compilation of actual Coronation footage shown on the new screens, which was fascinating for the children and very nostalgic for the older generation. Many thanks indeed to Rob and Anne, and to everyone else who helped in any way – particularly those from other churches without whom I don’t think it would be possible to put on events like these.

Rosemary Howell, Sue Heyes and Kate East (Time Travellers Co-ordinators)